I want to know all of your fantasies!

Everyone has fantasies. There are so many out there and yet we find ourselves being embarrassed by what we fantasize about. I don’t think fantasies are something to be ashamed of or even scared to talk about. I started out as innocent as they come. Now that I’ve broken out of my shell I have fantasies about things that I never thought would turn me on!

It actually turns me on to listen to confession. I’ve been confessing my sins for so long that having a man confess his deepest desires to me gets my pussy dripping wet. For example, I’ve had men call me telling me that they are married and don’t even want to tell their wives that they want to be a cuckold. Some want to participate and suck cock while others just want to sit back and watch their wives get fucked.

When a guy confesses his fantasies to me all I want to do is help him make them happen! My creative brain takes over and we get to role play out every detail! I’m not here to judge you, your fantasies are what turn you on, I just want to make them happen! I’ve confessed some of my deepest, darkest fantasies to a couple people but the things turning me on continue to grow!

A long time fantasy of mine is to be raped. Harsh at first, me fighting back trying to get away but I find that it feels too good to fight and I end up willingly fucking him back. That is pretty mild compared to some of the new ones I have been introduced to through others confessions. Give me a call and tell me all about your naughty fantasy! I’ll even tell you more of mine if you want!


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