Family taboo sex

Remember all the edging sex games I have been playing with my brother? Well I finally gave in. There was more teasing before the family taboo sex. It wasn’t something I just gave him easily. So let me fill you on what’s been going on. After all the stroking I eventually let him eat my pussy. It took me teaching him how but he eventually made me cum. Then after pleasing me I sent him back to his room unsatisfied and teased. Mean I know but my pussy is so special you have to earn it. I did give him a chance to cum it’s not my fault he couldn’t. He had permission to get himself off as long as he didn’t use his hands. I know what your thinking, your thinking I set him up again.

Maybe it was a set up but he could of humped the bed, or turned to a homemade pocket pussy. It was possible. It’s not my fault he is a moron. But then one day he did something, he broke the rules. He was stroking his cock and when I saw him getting close I yelled stop. As you probably guessed he didn’t stop. This time I was actually going to let him cum after he rode the edge a bit longer. I ignored him for a little while because he broke the rules. Then the other day he comes to me for sex advice. Apparently his older girlfriend is ready to fuck. He’s a virgin that just learned how to eat pussy which means he clearly needs more sex advice. But I was so trusting this time. I tied him to my bed so he couldn’t break the rules.

Taking things to a whole new level

I grab his cock and start stroking it. Yes there is edging! I get him so close and then back him off. We stroke fast then slow and then fast before going slow again. Then I decide to get close enough to his cock that he can feel me breathe on it. I don’t lick it yet I just breathe on it. Of course he is already squirming. Now I lick it. I run my tongue along the tip of his cock. He’s dripping. I wrap my lips around his cock and stroke him into my mouth. Kind of like and edging blowjob. It must of been an hour of teasing before I decided to give in. I climbed on top of my brother and before I could get him inside my pussy mom walks in. Yes we were busted by mom!

We were both sure we were in trouble. Mom made us explain what we were doing. My brother caved and told her I was showing him how to have sex. She closes the door behind her and says no one is more experienced than her. I never would of thought mom would be into family taboo sex. What was more surprising was watching her put my brother’s cock in her mouth. She didn’t tease it like I did, she just grabbed it and sucked it. Then she had me sit on my brother’s face while she sucked his cock. She untied my brother and had me lay back on the bed. My mother instructed him how to lick my cunt. I must say it did feel amazing. Mom’s experience is starting show.

Mother knows best

But mom was ready to teach him how to have sex. Mom grabbed his cock and put it inside me. She told him to rub it up and down my slit to make me want it more. Then I felt his cock pushing inside me. Mom was there to instruct him how fast to go and when to slow down. She taught him how to fuck me in the best sex positions. And then I finally got to ride him and make him cum inside me while mom rode his face. It was a family taboo sex experience I’ll never forget. I was also happy to my brother’s very first fuck. Do you have a family taboo sex fantasy? I’m you taboo phone sex girl! I’m ready to rock your fantasy.