Sister plays edging sex games with brother

You know how good it feels to be wanted but do you know what’s better? To know your wanted and not give in. The more you deny them the more they want you. It really does drive someone crazy when you say no. I say hold out and make them work for it. Make them beg you. Trust me I know! I’ve been taunting my brother with edging sex games and you wouldn’t believe how far it’s gone. He’s only wanted me since we were real young but now he would do anything for me. Okay so maybe I knew this already which put him at a disadvantage from day one. But if you saw this face you would know I don’t care. He use to spy on me in the shower that was the first time I realized he wanted me.

Then one day I found him jerking off in my closet spying on me again. That’s the day all this started. I was rubbing lotion all over my naked body when I heard a low moan coming from the closet. Obviously he wasn’t trying to get caught but he slipped and I caught him. His pants were at his ankles and his cock was was hard in his hand. I grabbed him by his dick and pulled him out of the closet. Then I shoved him on my bed and told him to keep going. He was a little confused why I was allowing him to keep going but I had my reasons. Grabbing his cock he starts stroking. I sit in my vanity chair watching him while he is looking at my body. He’s stroking fast and hard.

Orgasm denial

I notice he’s getting close and just before he could cum I stop him. You didn’t think I was just going to let him cum did you? I send him out of my room and tell him no masturbation or else I tell our parents I caught him spying on me. And if your wondering yes I would of known had he not listened. A week goes by and my brother comes into my room to apologize for his actions. “Do you want me that badly?” I ask him. He was embarrassed to admit it but he did. “Then take of your pants” I told him. He was confused and then I told him to again. Again another puzzled look. “Don’t make me tell you a third time” I say. He takes off his pants. I make him sit on the bed and grab his cock.

“Stroke it for me” I tell him. He grabbed his cock and started stroking fast. I stop him and tell him to stroke it like I want him to. He says “Okay, how do you want me to stroke it?” I instruct him to grab it and stroke slowly from top to bottom. He strokes slowly until I say faster then he goes faster. Then I tell him slower and he goes slower. We went back and forth from slow to fast for at least twenty minutes. Then I see his cock is ready to explode so I had to stop him. Yes I denied him again. It’s all part of my edging sex games. The next day I tell him if he cleans my closet I let him jerk off for me again. Still thinking that this time will be different he cleans my closet.

Timing is everything

Now I know I have the power to get anything I want. After he cleans my closet I give him permission to take out his cock. He starts stroking and then I throw a wrench into the mix. I tell him he’s only allowed to cum if he can cum within thirty seconds of stroking. Yeah I know he can’t and if he could it wouldn’t be enjoyable. I set him up for failure but patience is key.  Every day for a week I was there to drive his cock crazy with new edging sex games. Just imagine holding your orgasm for a long period of time. It will be one of the best orgasms you’ll ever experience. From JOI to numerous edging sex games. I will have you riding the edge.

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