Family sex on Thanksgiving it’s the way we get together.

Family sex on Thanksgiving its the perfect way to get together. First I would just like to say Happy Thanksgiving! We made it through another year and the Holidays are here again. I hope everyone is staying safe and warm this Thanksgiving. So here is a naughty little taboo fantasy that I thought about just for the holidays. It might just make your Incest loving cock throb!

The house always seems more beautiful on Thanksgiving it’s clean and decorated in turkeys and leaves. There is that content feeling that everything will be alright. Like your a kid again and nothing can ruin this day of family, food and just altogether loving environment. There is always an amazing feast! Made of all fresh homemade ingredients and you can tell the food is made with love. It’s not just the food its the Company and sometimes a family that really loves each other… Well, they play together!

Family sex on Thanksgiving it’s the way we get together.

So every year we play a game. We pick a partner and this year I want to choose my cousin. He has a massive cock and gives a huge load. So the game is that you get under the table and you have a blow job contest. It’s not a Hand job competition so you are not allowed to use hands at all. The first person to get their partner off wins. If you win you get to fuck in front of the whole family while they watch. Some of them even masturbate while they watch. I have to say my family loves each other like no other!

I would love to explore your fetishes with you! If you like incest and taboo fantasies! I will be here on Thanksgiving so give me a call so we can get super naughty together!

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