Interesting Things Happen in a Family Sex Story, When a Curious Abie Spies on his ABDL Mommy and Gets a Surprise

It’s a lot of work taking care of my little Abie. You’re always needing Mommy’s care –  feeding, you, changing you, watching over you, keeping you safe. After all, a Mommy’s work is never done, is it?  And the simple fact is that at the end of the day your AB/DL Mommy needs some private time to unwind, to seek release.  And that’s when a family story morphs into a family sex story.

Everything starts out normal. We go through our evening routine. A bath with bubbles, a fresh diaper on your powdered bottom, then tucking you in your little bed after I have read you not one, but two bedtime stories (pleeeaaasse, one more mommy, one more pleeaaaasse!). Not to mention the three drinks of water and five goodnight kisses. After all is said and done, it’s time for your ABDL Mommy to relax in her own bedroom.  There I keep a secret little box in my nightstand with all of Mommy’s special toys inside.

Then my innocent family story turns into a family sex story

I try to be quiet but sometimes those moans and groans slip out.  And if you wake and hear those strange noises coming from Mommy’s bedroom, you might just come and investigate.  Being quiet as a mouse, you might peek through the crack in the door to see if your ABDL Mommy is okay – such an odd thing you see.

Mommy laying there, her legs spread wide. You wonder, what is it that she’s doing to her peepee?  As mommy moans quietly, you watch as her hips move against that strange thing (is it a toy for mommies?).  You might find yourself reaching into your adult diaper for some unknown reason, wanting to rub your peepee like you see Mommy doing, wanting to find some release of your own!


Now, what is going to happen if your ABDL Mommy catches you playing in your diapee, watching her find her sweet release?  Care to find out in our own family sex story?  Give Mommy’s phone sex number a call and let’s find out in a fun session of mommy phone sex together!

Your Free Sex Story & Family Sex Story Guru,


 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke