Family Sex Stories- Slutty Daughter Seduces Daddy Part V

Family Sex Stories. My baby girl needs to be taught a lesson and who better than her own Father to set her straight.

Striding into her bedroom locking the door behind us; I give it a little tug to make sure. Tossing Maritza on the bed face down. I make quick work of removing my clothing and pounce on her. Having my little girl underneath me feels so good. I pull up her skirt and position myself in-between her legs.

With my cock in hand, I push the tip of my cock in-between her ass.

I feel her tense, and move my hand over her mouth to silence her protest. As the tip of my engorged cock slips into her anus I whisper in her ear “this is what little cock teases get”. And with that, I sink the entire length of my cock deep into her ass.

My baby girl is screaming into my hand, her petite body trembling and shaking.

I know I am hurting her but the pleasure is just too fucking intense to stop. I haven’t actually started fucking her sweet ass yet. God, I am enjoying the tightness of her virgin ass and taking long deep breaths to prevent myself from blowing my load right now.

I start moving my cock in and out of her ass slowly. As I start to pick up the pace, I wince in pain as Maritza clamps down on my hand biting hard. My hand slips away from her mouth and she starts yelling.

Now she is really going to get punished.

To Be Continued……

Family Sex Stories Part VI available 03/12/2018

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