Family Sex Stories: Amazing Things Happen On Turkey Day!

Family Sex Stories tend to happen during the holiday season! I have the best super naughty story to tell you ever so many fun naughty things happened yesterday on Thanksgiving I just can’t wait to tell you all about them!

My family all got together to have a super nice Thanksgiving together. Little did we know that so much more was going to happen. That we were going to have so many super naughty fun times!
Daddy decided that it was finally time to come out and tell our family how naughty we have been being together and to show them what’s been going on.
I thought that they would be furious, I never expected the reaction that they gave I was honestly shocked!! They all sat there gawking, watching us being super naughty together.
I felt then one by one coming up to me and touching me it was amazing and it felt so good! Could you imagine if this super hot naughty scene happened in front of you?

You would be totally shocked, it would be crazy!

The biggest shock was when Mommy came up and started to touch me with Daddy. I could feel their hands sliding all over me! I was so shocked that Mommy would touch me like she was, I honestly thought she was going to be so upset with me for doing naughty things with Daddy. However, that wasn’t the case at all.
I could tell how into it she was by how moist her pussy was when she shoved it in my face and told her to lick it! I knew I was in trouble!
With everyone sitting there watching I did all kinds of things at the instructions of my parents! Could you believe if that happened to you? It was amazing!!!

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