Whoever thought that I would be here telling family sex stories? Our family events are always full of excitement. You never know what you should expect from this colorful group. This time it was my mom, stepdad, stepbrother and me in a charming hotel in the Smokey Mountains. This vacation is when the words family fun takes on a whole new meaning.

Family sex stories: We could totally hear them fucking!

So, we are on this bonding family vacation and staying in a 2-bedroom suite with our parents. The parents of course to the room with the huge California king and my brother and I shared the other room with 2 double bed. The thin wall that separated the 2 bedrooms seemed to only amplify the sounds of our parent’s lovemaking. I heard my mom grimier that I had ever heard her before. My step-dad was proclaiming his ownership of her pussy, while the headboard hammered against the wall. Oh my, we were listening to our parents fuck.

I caught my step-brother jerking his cock.

I began to see my brother’s cover rise, and then I noticed the blanket moving to the pace of the banging headboard. So, I jumped up and ripped the covers from his body to find he was caressing his big fat cock. I must admit it was pretty hot seeing him with his dick in his hand stroking. So I watched him stroke while I stripped and slid into bed next to him.
I replaced his hands with mine and began to stroke his hard dick. Grabbing his hand, I guided it between my legs and he began playing with my pussy. My twat was like a super soaker from him finger fucking me, while I jerked him off.  My stepbrother then suggests that we watch our parents. He pulls me over the door and opens it slightly.

He grabs me from behind…

My brother slithers behind me with his rigid cock pressing me and begging to come inside. He slips my nightgown over my round ebony ass and pulls my panties to the side. His cock pushes through my tight pussy and without hesitation he starts fucking my wet cunt. He places his hand over my mouth to muffle my moans of pleasure and pain as he goes deep, hard and fast. Making me squirt all over his throbbing cock before I feel his hot load fill my tight ebony pussy up.

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