Family Sex Stories Part VII- Daddy Gives Her a Creampie

Family Sex Stories. She is so wet and hot I have to breathe heavily and stop moving or else this is going to end soon.

But I refuse to cum without my baby girl. I have to show her what a real man is like. I partially pull out of her pussy, leaving just the tip inside I start stroking her clit with my engorged head. So I kiss her lips and face gently.

She is moaning gently gasping for air. “Open your Eyes Mija,” I say gently “Your Papi want to look into those beautiful grey eyes while you cum”

My little girl looks up at me shyly, biting her bottom lip. Gone is the sassy teasing teenager, in her place is my sweet little princess. Her submissiveness is driving me insane. I gently push my cock deep into her pussy and start to pump it in and out slowly. I bring my head down and latch onto her neck, sucking and biting slowly. As my cock starts to pump faster and faster I increase the pressure of my mouth sucking harder and harder allowing my teeth to graze and tease her skin.

My daughter starts to moan softly and I can feel her pussy closing around my cock, she is cumming,  two hard strokes later I am joining her. her pussy is milking my cock squeezing out every last bit of cum and it feels so fucking good to finally release my “leche” deep in her tight hole.

“Here Mija Take Papis Leche” I grunt. “Aye Si Papi I love you so much daddy” she replies.

My body is spent. I collapse on top of her unable to move a muscle completely satiated. Underneath me Maritza is snoring softly, I chuckle at how adorable she is, my little princess.

The End of Family Sex Stories.

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