Family Sex Stories written by Naughty Momma.

Do you love family sex stories? you will love this one. Amy was about to have her sweet sixteen birthday party. It was the night before the big event and her mother and aunt were busy making last-minute preparations for the big party. Amy’s mother told her daughter, “Sweetheart, your Aunt Sue and I are going to talk to the caterer the florist and special event planner to make sure everything runs perfectly for your party tomorrow. So we’ll be gone for several hours. But there’s plenty of food in the frig and you’re not alone in the house, honey. Your dad. Uncle Hank and your brother are here if you need anything. Okay.”

She hugged Amy as she left out the door. Amy knew what was to come next. It’s what always happens when mommy leaves her alone with the men in their family. It’s been happening ever since she was nine years old. She began to wonder if her mother knew about. As soon as the car pulled away from the driveway she heard her father’s footsteps approaching. “Amy darling”, he said in a soft tone, “why don’t you go upstairs and get ready for daddy.” “Yes sir,” Amy sighed. She went to her bedroom and took off all of her clothes.

She rubbed the baby oil all over her body just the way daddy likes it.

Then she laid naked on her back and spread her legs wide for daddy. Daddy was always the first one to mount her young body. He came into her room with his pants down and his cock out. Seeing her naked body his cock grew harder. “Good girl. Yes, you’re daddy’s good girl”, he said as he climbed on top of her and slid his dick into her pussy. Amy rolled her hips around and around just like daddy liked. She heard more footsteps and saw her brother and her Uncle Hank standing over her watching her getting fucked and waiting their turn.

Her brother approached and tried to slide his cock into her mouth but pushed him back and scolded, “Wait until I’m finished, son”. Dad turned his daughter’s body around and pounded her pussy doggie style until he came hard. As her brother stepped up to her Uncle Hank and blocked him and said, “Wait your turn, nephew, she’s mine now.”

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