Family Sex Stories: Mommy Teaches Her Son About a Woman’s Body

Family sex stories aren’t anything surprising in this close family! I’d been giving my son advice on what to do with his girlfriend since he was old enough to ask.

He has always been comfortable asking me questions so I’ve always been straight with him. Turns out, my boy is still a virgin and doesn’t know why.

He was frustrated so I told him to use my body to show me what he was doing.

At first, he seemed hesitant. His hands were shaky as he moved closer to the hem of my shirt.

As he slid his fingers up my blouse he immediately grabbed my whole tit in his hand and started squeezing.

“No, no,” I said. “You have to start small. Take the tip of my nipple and start to gently rub it between your fingers.” I explained.

Once he got that down I gave him more pointers and let him try them out on me until he got them all down.

Family sex stories have always turned me on. I couldn’t believe I was finally getting my son’s hands on me!

My pussy started to drip in anticipation of what came next.

He moved his hand down my stomach to the waist of my little panties.

I showed him exactly how to take care of my pussy.

As his fingers slid in and out of my moist nether lips I let out an involuntary moan.

He asked if he was doing good and I told him he was doing it perfectly.

His cock was rock hard so I told him to take his pants off and let me help him out.

He didn’t even hesitate. His pants were off so quick and my hand found his cock even faster.

For his next lesson, I straddled his face and leaned down in a 69 position and began sucking his cock.

His virgin dick didn’t take long to start exploding into his mommy’s mouth.

The taste of my son’s cum shooting into the back of my throat sent me over the edge and I squirt into his mouth.

I love my son…

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