Family Sex Stories To Make You Look Forward To Your Reunion!

This weekend was my family reunion. We do it every year… well not do it… but actually… Anyway. After this weekend you know I have added to my collection of family sex stories!

Everyone has that family member that they wish they weren’t related to, right? No not the one you can’t stand because she’s a cunt and can’t even cook. The other one. The one that you would fuck until you were blue in the face if you weren’t related. For most people, that whole sharing blood thing makes that relative completely off limits. But as you can tell from my previous family sex stories, you’ll know that I really have no limits! Blood doesn’t mean a thing to me! If I want them, I fuck them. That simple. Cousin, uncle, grandpa, brother, father, son. It doesn’t make a difference to me. I’ve had them all! (And most of them this weekend!)

But it used to matter. A lot! Sure, I used to tell my Uncle Jimmy that I was going to marry him when I grew up. But most little girls do that with their beloved uncle. I had a secret crush on Jimmy even once I was old enough to realize it was wrong. But at about 13 I was staying over with his daughter for a sleep over and we played truth or dare. Somehow she got me to admit my crush. I blushed bright red and went on with the game.

Later that night it was time for bed and I headed down to the den to crawl into the sleeper sofa.

I was only there a few minutes before Uncle Jimmy came in to say goodnight. Aunt Kathy was gone to work overnight at the hospital so tonight was his night to take care of bedtime. He sat down next on the bed next to me and fixed my covers like he had since I was a little girl. Then as he leaned down to kiss my cheek, he stopped and grinned.

“Melissa I heard what you said during that game you girls were playing”

I blushed again, so hard I could feel every inch of my skin get warm.

He smiled again and asked if I had ever been kissed. When I shook my head no, he leaned in and brought his lips to mine, softly at first then with more energy. It wasn’t much longer before I felt his tongue in my mouth and reciprocated with zeal!

His hands moved down and covered my barely blooming titties and he groaned.

I asked him if he was ok and he told me that I was making him hard. I asked how and he showed me by picking me up to straddle the bulge in his lounge pants. Since I only wore a tshirt and panties to bed, I felt the ridge of his cock like there was nothing between us.

As he kept kissing me and strumming my nipples, I started rocking my hips, enjoying the way that throbbing dick felt again my aching pussy.

All through that night, he introduced me to it all. Uncle licked and sucked my pussy and then showed me how he liked his cock sucked. He said holding the back of my head while he rammed his cock down my hungry throat almost made him cum right then and there! He held off though until he was able to part my sweet thighs and push that fuck stick into my waiting pussy.

And while he was slamming into my teenage twat, he reached around to finger my tight little tush. He held off as long as he could until I screamed out “Oh my god yes! Fuck my pussy hard Uncle Jimmy! I love your cock!”

He flooded me with that hot creamy jizz and then cleaned me up and tucked me in!

I spent the night with Uncle Jimmy as often as I could and let him shove it in each one of my waiting holes. He taught me a lot and then later, I taught him a thing or two. This weekend, I taught him how well my son sucks dick!

Yeah I’ve got more family sex stories for you! That was just the first of the family sex stories! You know they say, “Incest is best” Well then you know incest phone sex is the best phone sex!