Family Sex Stories: Getting Caught Being Naughty In The Kitchen

Family Sex Stories are always fun when there is the risk of getting caught involved! Have you ever sat back and wondered what was going on behind your back or even right in front of you? In this super naughty taboo phone sex story you’re about to find out what sweet young little Gracie did right behind her Daddy’s back!

Over the weekend I was spending time with my parents at the lake house we used to vacation at each summer. My whole family was there, cousins, aunts, uncles! Everyone you could think of!

My cousin Eric and I were hanging out in the kitchen one night. Talking about old times and how we used to hang out when all of a sudden he leaned in and kissed me! I was so shocked! You see, I had the biggest crush EVER on him the whole time we were growing up. I used to wear the skimpiest little outfits around him, my ass and boobs practically hanging out all of the time! I loved teasing him!

So, the whole time we were growing up I thought he had a thing for my step sister!

I admitted that after he released me from his kiss, blushing and turning the prettiest shade of bright red you’ve ever seen! I could only imagine what he was thinking when he glanced down into my eyes seeing me staring back at him. feeling his hands start to wander across my supple body as we stood there staring into each other’s eyes.

At this point, I knew that I was going to let him take me. But I had no clue how it was about to affect my life. How addicted to him I was going to get. Days went by and we kept fooling with each other it was like we couldn’t get enough of each other!

Till it finally happened! We were in the kitchen playing with each other, he had me backed up against the counter. His hand down my pants when all of a sudden my parents walked in!! We tried to play it off like there was nothing going on between us but they didn’t believe us! They said they’d seen how much time we had been spending together and thought that it was kind of odd.

What do you think happened next in this version of Gracie’s family sex stories?

Come find out!!

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