Family Sex Stories With Your Smoking Hot Princess Bailey

Family sex stories play a huge role in my phone sex career. Most of my calls have been about incest and how a daddy wants to fuck his hot daughter. And of course, I love to cater to these fantasies! Because incest is so fucking hot.

So, it starts out with me on my bed, doing my homework in my short little skirt and white button-up shirt. I hear my door creak and hear daddy say, “Sorry Princess! Didn’t mean to disturb you.” I smile at daddy and tell him it’s okay, I was almost done with my work anyway.

Daddy sits on my bed and looks over my shoulder as I try to figure out some equations. And I feel daddy starting to massage my back. “You know Princess, you look so much like your mother when she was your age. So beautiful.” I giggle and thank my daddy for such a nice compliment.

It’s just me and daddy tonight since mom had to go to a business meeting a couple of towns over. Dinner was pizza and the house was quiet and boring… so I guess daddy was lonely. “Mmm, oh Bailey. You are so young and… tight. Do you have any boyfriends at school?” Daddy asks me. I blush and tell him, “Hehe. Daddy! I mean… I have had a couple. And I am pretty popular with the boys.”

I feel daddy’s hand rub the back of my thigh, up to my left buttcheek. “D-daddy? W-what are you doing?” I stutter as I feel daddy grab my ass under my white cotton panties. “I’m so sorry Princess. Your mother and I haven’t been too intimate and… knowing you are probably out sucking boys’ cock’s and letting them fuck your hot pussy, it just drives me wild.” I can’t help myself and start getting wet as daddy touches me more and more.

“Promise not to tell mommy? Daddy’s just very horny.”

I smile and let daddy pull off my panties, revealing my smooth, pink, wet cunt. He spreads my pussy lips to see how wet I am and licks up every drop. Wow, my daddy knows how to lick pussy! I can’t believe how good it feels… I hope for him to shove his dick inside of me.

Next thing I know daddy is unzipping his pants between my legs and laying his cock on my pussy mound. His dick is so long that it reaches my belly button! Daddy pushes my legs far apart and slides his cock up against my puffy pink cunt and slips it on inside of me. I grab my headboard because I know I am in for a ride!

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