Family Sex Stories: Fucked By Stepson!

Family sex stories and how I got plowed by my stepson while I was having hot phone sex with his dad.

I married an older man with experience in the ways of treating a woman. He had a son who was around my age and I know I’ve caught him checking me out big time and I knew he wanted me.

One day I was laying on my stomach and only dressed in a short nightgown. I was in bed talking to my husband when I saw my stepson looking at me. I mouthed the word what, trying to figure out what the fuck he wanted.

Since my stepson didn’t answer, I continued talking and I ignored him for a few minutes. That’s when the conversation with my husband turned sexual. Remembering my stepson, I turned and saw him standing directly over me stroking his hard cock.

A smile spread over my face. I couldn’t help it because the naughty phone sex I was having coupled with a hard cock over me made me unbearably excited. My ass lifted just enough for my nightgown to slide off my ass and collect at my lower back. It was enough to expose my bare ass so my stepson could see I wasn’t wearing any panties.

That made him stroke even faster and harder.

He got behind me and laid on top. I kept up the conversation with my husband, trying not to moan too much. With my stepson’s cock inside of me and my husband talking dirty to me in my ear, I came so hard and so fast. I could hear my husband rapidly stroking his cock, having no idea that his son’s cock was buried deep inside his wife’s tight pussy.

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