Family Sex Stories – Easter Egg Hunting With Daddy

Family sex stories are some pretty good times because who doesn’t love some hot incest phone sex or age play phone sex? I wish I were young enough for this to have happened on Easter.

It was Easter Sunday and all the kids were gathered in the living room because the adults were hiding eggs. I was feeling antsy because I wanted to find the golden egg. The golden egg had a special prize in it and I wanted it.

I knew Daddy would help me because I’m his little princess.

Each of us got paired with a grown-up and the hunt began. Daddy and I went around looking for the eggs, but I did most of the work because he helped hide them. He already knew where they were, but I still didn’t find the golden egg.

I started feeling sad. I really wanted that egg so that I could show off to my cousins and friends. That’s when Daddy whispered in my ear that he knew where it was and it was a secret. He wanted me to find it so he hid it someplace real secret.

He took me around the back where all the other eggs had already been cleared out. No one was back there so we had the place to ourselves. He took me behind some bushes and I had to get on my hands and knees.

Daddy got on the ground on his back and started undoing his pants. I couldn’t believe that the egg was there in his pants the whole time. But, he said I had to be a good girl for him or I wouldn’t get the special prize.

He told me to stay on the ground. I didn’t know what he was doing, but I wanted the egg. The egg glittered in the sunlight and I couldn’t stop staring at it. I knew Daddy wouldn’t let me down!

Then Daddy was behind me and lifting up my dress. It fell on my shoulders and he pulled my panties to the side. He pushed my face closer to the ground and something really hard slipped into my girl parts.

Daddy told me to be quiet and it wouldn’t last long.

It hurt and it filled me up inside. Something was pulling me apart, but I wanted to be Daddy’s good girl and earn the egg. He was right. It didn’t last long and it was worth the egg. As he pulled the hard thing out of me, he showed me another egg. He grabbed it from my basket.

I felt something gooey dripping down my legs. Daddy put his fingers into the goo and pushed it back inside me. Then he put the egg inside me, too. Daddy said he didn’t want his goo to slip out of me because it was more special than the golden egg.

I hope you enjoyed one of my favorite family sex stories. If you want to help me create more then give me a call.

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