Family Sex Stories always get interesting around Christmas time!!

Like this super naughty sex story about what happened earlier tonight while I was at my grandparents on Christmas Eve! So… Grandpa decided it was time I learn the old family tradition, and I was allowed to stay up late with all of the “Older” People! I mean I’m 19, so It’s only right that they let me stay up and join them in the festivities!

I always knew all the grownups stayed up and talked all night but I had no idea that they actually stayed up being naughty all night!!! It was a whole family affair tonight! So, Everyone was playing with everyone else, a whole crazy orgy family style! You would never believe all the naughty things I saw! It was amazing, I loved seeing the older people mixing with the younger ones, My uncle Frank and my Mom!!

You would never believe how naughty they got during Family Sex Therapy Time!

But, that’s not even the best part! The best part was when Grandpa came up to me and told me that it was a tradition that the oldest person got to be with the youngest! That meant Grandpa got me! I was so excited, he led me away to his and Grandmas bedroom while everyone else drew numbers to see who got to play with each other!

You wouldn’t believe how good of a lover he was! So, it was amazing, Grandpa did things to me I didn’t even know were possible! I would love to tell you all about them if you’d like to know more! Maybe we could even explore some new super naughty things together! I would love to show you all of the super naughty things I’ve learned during my family sex stories and teach you even more!

Let’s have some super amazing fun together! I can’t wait to show you how much fun you can have with me! Let’s get started!!


Let’s have Phone Sex!!