Family sex stories with step-dad have me tripping. OMG, I cannot believe what I just caught my step-dad doing while he was alone in his home office! What did I catch my Daddy doing? Well, I caught my Daddy jerking off to gay porn. He stopped and tried to shut his laptop but left his dick in his hand. So when I walked over to the side of his desk and opened his computer seeing two men fucking I knew I had him by the balls. A big grin stretched across my lips as I began to laugh at my Father’s look of terror. After all, he knew what I was capable of!

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So I did what anyone would do, I told my dad I that he was gonna have to pay me big time! Not only by getting me my very own plastic that I could swipe freely. However, he was going to have to eat this pretty pussy and ass too. It was no big deal for my daddy I know he’s been watching me for years dreaming of family sex stories. Ever since I blossomed into this sweet young lady I am now. Honestly, he was a little bit more upset that I was going to be taking his money than eating my ass.
I knelt in front of him on all fours and reached back with my hand on his head. It was time for him to sniff against this cotton fabric and smell my incestual goodness. Although, he didn’t care at all. Pulled my panties to the side and stuck his nose right to my shit hole. That is a good Daddy realize that you need nothing more in your life than to serve my ass. Eat my dirty shit hole and beg me not to tell Mommy that you are a faggot. Then, I can spend your money and decide if that is enough to keep my little brat mouth shut!
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