Family sex stories are more fun when my brother’s playing!

Family sex stories are some of my favorites! I’m daddy’s little kitten, but my big brother is such a little slut too! I love dressing up for my daddy and showing him all the pretty lingerie I buy. But sometimes, I get naughtier and make my brother wear them for him too! He is such a big slut! It all started with a little adventure one night. Daddy was feeling kinky as he was getting ready to fuck my mom, and he wanted to bring me into it! I went up to his room as soon as he called me, all dressed up in my little bra and panties. But Daddy had another idea for the night! He wanted to see if I could get my brother to play with us too. So I rushed down to his room and woke him up, making a stop at the bathroom to make him wear one of mom’s cum-stained panties.

Once we came back upstairs, the party began.

My big brother didn’t put up much of a fight! I think he knew how much Daddy spoils me when I play the part, and he wanted to see what he’d get for playing along. He bent right over the bed and shook his ass. It got us all going pretty quickly! I got to pull down his panties and spank him, making mommy wet and daddy hard from just looking at it. Slowly, I spread his cheeks just enough so he could take daddy’s big cock.. but of course he needed to keep his mouth busy, too! I was the little ringleader for the night! I got to call the shots and say who was doing what. So while my big brother had his ass busy, he got to keep his face busy by eating mommy out. She laid down right in front of him and spread those pussy lips, and he was all ready to go!

One lick at a time, one thrust at a time, he made both mommy and daddy cum! Then it was my turn..

Come play with me. Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

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