Family Sex Stories: My Brother Confesses About Our Mom

I never thought I would be part of family sex stories. My brother and I had experimented quite a bit. We were always pretty close. One evening my brother decided to confess to me about something that happened with our mom. Apparently my brother had some family sex stories of his own that he needed to get out.

Mom was always very open and goofy. One morning she came into his room and jumped onto his bed to wake him up. Little did she know that he was already awake. He had been laying in bed playing with his teenage cock. Our mom had always been a huge focus in his masturbation sessions. When she jumped on his bed his cock sprang free and was pressing against her pussy. She didn’t usually wear panties to bed, just a long t-shirt.

Although she was surprised she didn’t skip a beat. She said to him that he looked like he could use a little help. Her words sent him over the edge. It was bad enough that she was sitting on him. The fact that she was telling him that she wanted to take care of his hard on was heaven to his ears. His cock exploded all over her pussy before she could even wrap her hand around it. Being a teenager and having a very active libido his cock stayed erect.

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She was caught off guard when his seed began shooting all over her pussy. As she lifted her ass up to get off of him his dick stood straight up and started to slide into her tight hole. First it was just the tip of his cock but mom couldn’t help herself. Once he started to penetrate her deprived pussy with his hard, thick teenage cock she needed more. Allowing her pussy to slide all the way back down on her she let out a pent up moan.

Mom started to ride his cock hard. As he got close to cumming he tried to move her off of his dick but she was having none of that. She told him that she wanted him to fill her pussy with his seed. He did just as she said. His cock stiffened and he began shooting stream after stream of his hot cum into our mom’s tight pussy. My brother and I have made quite a few family sex stories of our own but this one had my pussy dripping wet.

“So you came in mom’s pussy?” I asked. He started blushing but I could see how just asking him the question had gotten his cock hard again. I took full advantage of that and started sucking him off. Once I had him nice and hard I got up and started to slide his dick into my pussy. “You want to fuck mommy’s pussy again don’t you?” I probed even more. This is how I started pretending to be our mom as I fucked my brother. I have had lots of age play phone sex but getting to play out some fantasy sex stories with my brother was enough to make my pussy squirt all over him!!