I have a lot of incest sex stories and Family Sex Stories and most of them involve my dad but last weekend was different.

I didn’t plan to add to my list of Family Sex Stories but my Aunt Jessie was in town for the weekend and we hung out.  Showing her all the hot spots and taking her to my favorite bar we ended up drinking way too much.

 My Aunt is in her 40’s but she knocks it back like she was in college. I think she drank more than I did and I’m a party girl to the extreme. It was so much fun and I got to know her better.

We girl talked, who I was dating and stuff like that. She’s been married for 20 years and was sad at not having my life.

Wanting to cheer her up and asked her what kinds of things she’d do if she could. Maybe a wild girls weekend or a night at a strip club, you know? Anyways, she said she’d stay single and go from dick to dick. Wear the slutty clothes she liked instead of worrying about what people thought and make out with a chick.

 Apparently, Aunt Jessie has had lesbian and Family Sex Stories fantasies for years.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that and talked her into going home because we’d had too much to drink. I flirted with her in the taxi, sitting close to her and running my hand over her thigh as I told her she was still good looking. I’d love to spend a night with a woman like her.

She smiled and I went a bit further, giving her a quick kiss on the lips. She was surprised but I knew she liked it because she kept looking at me out of the corner of her eye. When we got back to my place I followed her to the guest room and said that I could spend the night in here if she wanted some company.

 Aunt Jesse hesitated so I nudged her a bit by helping her get undressed. She didn’t try too hard to stop me and she shivered as I ran my hands over her stomach then up to her tits. “We shouldn’t be doing this,” she said but I shushed her and took her to the bed.

 Quickly I got naked before she sobered up then snuggled up to her.

She was warm and soft and I held her as I stroked her hair and nibbled her neck. “It’s okay if it feels good,” I told her and she shyly started touching me. I moaned and told her how good it felt and she got more into it, kissing me back and slipping her tongue into my mouth.

 Rolling her onto her back I laid beside her, my body slightly on top of hers as we made out and I put a hand between her legs. I stroked her and she opened her legs for me so I could play with her pussy.

 Sliding my finger inside her she was already wet as I started fingering her. She gasped and pushed down on me so I added a second finger and pumped them in and out of her. Her kisses got sloppy as her pussy took control and I slid my fingers up to her clit.

 Rubbing her clit I put my fingers around it and rubbed it as her teeth grazed my lip and I put my head lower, flicking my tongue over her hard nipple. I sucked it into my mouth as I rubbed her clit slow and steady, feeling my Aunt shake and shudder.

 I kept going until she came and made sure it was the best orgasm of her life. Even though she was flat out drunk I wanted her to remember the night she spent with her niece.

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