Family sex stories with my hot brother and his wife

Remember my sister in law sex story? My brother walked in and caught me using my strap on with his wife. We had a long brother and sister talk about how to please a woman but I wasn’t sure he understood. It was my duty as his sister to teach him how to get a woman off. My brother and Lacey came over and I devoted my entire Saturday to showing him what makes a woman wet. Its sad I figured Lacey out in 5 minutes and he still had no clue what she liked. I laid Lacey back onto the bed and used my tongue first. As he watched Lacey grabbed his cock and started stroking it. After I got her squirming and wet I had my brother give it a try. He still wasn’t as good as I was but Lacey had felt an improvement.

I lifted his face away from Laceythen I laid back onto the bed while grabbing his cock and rubbing it against my pussy. This is how you tease a woman before you fuck her, I tell him. While he continued to tease my pussy me and Lacey began to mess around. We played with each other nipples and kissed as he watched. I could see how much we were teasing him but then without warning he shoved his cock all the way inside me. Lacey didn’t seem to mind so I didn’t stop him. This wouldn’t be the first time had engaged in incest. Funny how quickly this turned into one of those family sex stories. My brother fingered his wife’s cunt as he fucked me. I pulled away to keep him from cumming so soon and had Lacey go down and suck his cock.

It was long night of teasing and edging but my brother managed to not blow so fast. He could use a little work in the self control department but I think his first lesson went well. When it came time to cum his load sprayed all over me and Lacey. We spent the rest of the night licking the load off each other. Ready to talk family sex stories? Lets get together and share stories, have taboo phone sex, or even role play. Don’t be shy no one will know our dirty little secret.

Kinky Kelsey