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Family sex stories are so kinky don’t ya think? My favorite are incest stories but I am a daddy’s girl. Well this one is a little late but better late than never. June is an exciting month for me and sissy because it’s daddy’s birthday. We get to spoil him and pamper him the way a man should be. Me and sissy planned a very special night for daddy. Of course he had to work late but that meant mommy would be in bed asleep when he got home. He finally made it home and we were excited to whisk him away to our room. Sissy gave him a big kiss while I covered daddy’s eyes with a blindfold. After daddy was undressed and his eyes were covered sissy grabbed the whip cream and made a line down daddy’s chest.

Together we licked the whip cream off daddy and then we put more on daddy’s cock. I’m daddy’s favorite so I went first licking the whip cream off his cock. Sissy sprayed some on his balls and dived right in. Whip cream isn’t the only thing we licked off daddy. Mommy had made a cake for daddy and sissy and I stole a couple of pieces. I told daddy to open wide and I fed him a little bite while sissy continue to suck his cock. Daddy opened up and I fed him another bite but the next time he opened his mouth I sat my pussy on his face. My pussy was covered in cake and daddy licked it clean. Daddy had all he could take he removed the blindfold and smeared cake all over us and licked his naughty girls clean.

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He also made us lick cake off one another. I got so much enjoyment licking cake off sissy. It was smeared all over her tits and her ass. Did I lick every where? YES! I even licked it off sissy’s ass! After daddy cleaned us up he lined us on top of one another and took turns fucking his tight young teens. First he was inside me because I’m the oldest and the favorite. Then He slid his dick inside sissy. When daddy got ready to blow his warm milky load he blew inside me and made sissy lick it out. She’s a good clean up slut. If your looking for a spoiled little daddy’s girl fantasy let’s get together. I’ll share my family sex stories with you over some hot teen phone sex.

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