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Usually, my blogs about family sex stories are completely true stories. But laws about age make that it impossible to be completely true in this one. But that makes no taboo phone sex is all the more exciting. It’s about how I first experienced lust. So I will say I was 18. My quality phone sex means being blunt and brazen when telling my stories. So I will share my story that way with you.

I was raised very religiously sheltered and never heard anything about sex or lust. I was taught not to touch my “monkey” because if I did it would hurt me. My monkey was what I was taught to call my pussy. And I was never taught that a sight could arouse me so I was completely unprepared when it struck me. I have a huge family so seeing boys and girls nude was nothing new. I knew all the parts. We were country so I had seen dogs, cats, horses mating. But I had never seen people having sex until that hot Saturday.

When I saw his cock I was amazed

I was gathering eggs in my uncle’s barn next to our home. Well, I was up in the hayloft when I heard my cousin. I went to the edge and looked at the stall where my cousin Daniel was. He was fully aroused exposed. His cock looked so huge and my breath caught. His girlfriend was on her knees sucking his cock. I had never seen anything like it. I kept quiet and watched as he fucked her face. My throat got so dry yet my lips tingled so. It was as if I could taste Daniel.  My body got hot and my chest got tight. As I watched them my nipples started to kind of hurt. I did not know what was going on but I was engrossed by what I was seeing.

Suddenly He pulled her up off his cock and turned her around. She lifted her dress. Then he moved behind her and he started to fuck her.  Just like an animal. Yet the sounds they were making were like a music that was holding me enthralled. I could not move. When suddenly she kind of yelped, and he groaned and my monkey spasmed hard making me gasp. They quickly straightened their clothing and left. I stood trembling afraid I was sick. When I had calmed a little I touched my “monkey” through my shorts. I thought I had wet myself.

Gods above I was so ashamed and scared.

I climbed down and went inside thinking to change clothes and take a bath. When I went in my house Daddy was sitting reading. He did not even look up as he told me mom had gone to my grannies house. I was trying to hide my shameful wet shorts as I edged through the living room. I stammered as I replied to Daddy. He must have since’ed something was wrong and looked up just as I was next to his chair…. But that is the start of another story.

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