Are you ready for some forced family sex stories

I had a long day so I decided I would go to bed early. My son Jacks had gone out with his friends to the bar. So I decided to go ahead and take a shower.  Not knowing this is was going to be one of the best family sex stories I have. While I was in the shower I was looking at my shower head wondering what it would feel like if I move it over my body and my pussy.  I decided I would try it out and give it a whirl. I took the shower head down and began moving it over my body. It felt like magic when I got it down to my pussy and that nice warm water hitting my pussy. When I finally got off it was time for bed.

I put the towel around me when I got out of the shower, I walked to the bedroom. As I began rubbing the lotion all over my nice warm skin. All of a sudden I could feel a chill of cold air coming through my bedroom window. I walked over and shut it but I could have sworn I did that before I went into the shower. I decided it was no big deal I went back over to the bed as I claimed up under the covers I felt a weird sensation come over me. Like I was being watched even though I was the only one in the house.

I thought I would die

I laid down and got comfortable and I always sleep naked but for some strange reason I felt like I wasn’t alone. So before I went to bed I put on my white silk nightgown. As I was laying in bed trying to get comfortable, I saw a shadow in the corner. I decided to ignore it so I rolled over and got comfy and fell asleep.

Around 2:00 am I felt something heavy on my back. I woke up to find my hands tied to the bed rails and my legs tied to the footboard as I started to scream I heard a familiar voice tell me to shut the fuck up as he slapped me on the back of my head.  It was horrifying as I was struggling to try to move and get my hands free but no matter what I did. I could not get out of the rope.

He had me frozen in shock

All of a sudden he took the top of my nightgown and ripped it all the way from the top of my back down to my ass and then ripped my thongs off me. I had no idea it would be one of the best family sex stories I have. I started screaming even louder and the louder I get the more pissed he was. He put a gag ball in my mouth and told me that if the ball did not work what he was going to put there next was his cock.

He told me to get ready and all of a sudden a felt a sharp pain run up through my pussy.  As much as I tried to scream for help nothing worked. I felt him rip me when he stuck his huge cock in me. My pussy was still wet from fucking myself with the shower head. I had no Idea what to do about this or who it was on top of me.

I found out the truth

As heard him call me a dirty little whore as I tried to struggle and get away. Then he grabbed me by the back of my hair and pulled his self up closer to my ear and he said he would make this more painful if I didn’t quit resisting. I knew who it was then. It was Jacks, my son. I could smell the alcohol on his breath and I started struggling even more. My body felt disgusted and then he started playing with my ass and I could feel the head of my son’s cock poking me in my ass it hurt like hell. I tried to get him to stop. He heard me crying and screaming but it seemed to just make it worse. All of a sudden he slammed his hard 12-inch cock so hard and deep in my ass.

I could feel it throbbing in my ass. It hurt so bad and I could not do anything to stop him. All I could do was lay there and take it.

I had no choice so I just laid there with my eyes closed and I quit screaming and crying and tried to pretend that I just past out. Then all of a sudden I felt him shoot his huge load in my ass. When He untied me thinking I was still passed out. He leaned down to me and said I love you, mommy, I will be back to play again.

I tried to keep my composer as I was still pretending I passed out.  He kissed me on the lips and left the room. I jumped up and locked the door. I jumped up and made sure my windows were locked. As I laid in the bed crying not knowing when he would come back. All I could think of was this is going to make one of the best family sex stories I got to give and if he comes back I will have another.

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