Family fun stories were all I could think of when my sexy Uncle came to town.  He is my dad’s brother that always blows through town every so often.   My mom and dad always talked about how he was not the settle down type.  Apparently, he had a girl in every city that he visits.   Well, this particular weekend he was here for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.   Who knew what kind of trouble he would bring when he came to town?

I remember Daddy answering the phone, and talks to who I believe was my Aunt Karen.  Could hear Dad saying, ” Why can’t he stay with Mom and Dad?” Well, I imagine that whatever reason was justified because the next thing he said was, “What about your house?”  Whatever the reasons she can up with next seemed to make him not very happy.  Because his next words were, “He better not cause any trouble.”  Dad hung up the phone then heads into the family room, where mom and I were.  His look was a defeat when he informs us that his brother would be staying with us this weekend.

While dad was not happy about it, I was super excited.  He was my favorite uncle.   When he came into town, he allows us to be free.   He always bought the best presents and told wonderful stories about being on the road.   I had not seen him in quite some time since I had seen him and I was more than excited.   So, I could not wait for him to get here.

When my Uncle Come to Town!

It was late Friday night when my uncle pulled into our driveway.  I could hear the motor from his Corvette as he drove down the street.   I watched him hop out of the car with his blue jeans and leather jacket.   Even though it was well after 11 pm I ran downstairs to greet my favorite uncle with open arms.  Pushing past mom and dad I swing the door open and leap into his arms like I have done since I was a kid.  He picks me up and spun me around to show me he was just as excited to see me too.   He looked me up and down and said, “Damn, you have grown, Lil Princess!”  Dad shooed me away to my room and I marched upstairs looking forward to tomorrow with my favorite uncle.

It was quite a busy morning to start.  Mom and I were busy in the kitchen, while dad was shuttling all of my grandparents’ friends to the party.   My uncle was still in bed.  Mom tells me to go wake him to see if I could ride with him to the party because she needs to leave in a few to get things right at the venue.   I knock on the door and confirmed that me riding with him would be ok.   He opens the door and said sure.  He quickly got my clothes on and went to help mom pack the car.

Family Fun Stories start when mom leaves!

I went ahead and got in the shower and put on the tiny little dress I was going to wear to the party.  I went to the guest room where my uncle was staying and I opened the door. There he was with the wet panties that I had on last night stroking his hard cock.  OMG, It was a shock.  I left the room quickly and closed the door behind me, but it was too late.  My uncle was thinking about family fun stories with me.  I was not sure why that turned me on.

He jerked opened my room door, rushed in, then pressed me up against the wall.   Sliding my legs apart with his feet.  I watched him slide pants down before picking me up to slide me on his big dick.  Pumping that big cock in and out of me I barely even notice that my Dad walking in.   Want to hear more Family Fun Stories?  Or maybe you have your own incest fantasies.

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