Family fun sex stories have always brought my taboo side to a whole different level. Now, this particular taboo sex story happened when my Dad’s brother, Uncle Tommy paid us an unexpected visit.  What started out as a one night stay, turned out to be way longer. 

Here’s what happened! 

So, my  Uncle Tommy and Aunt Janice have been together since I could remember.   I mean I have literally never seen one without the other being very close by.   So when Uncle Tommy came over to hang out with my parents without Aunt Janice, of course, I was a little curious.   After watching him barely eat the wonderful meal my mom had prepared I ask, “Where’s Aunt Janice?” Mom shot me a nasty look, but I wanted to know.  A solemn look of defeat and sadness overtook his face, so I got worried. I was relieved to hear him say she was doing good and at home. However, that just made me even more curious.   Why was he hear with what appeared to be an overnight bag and they lived less than 20 minutes away? It was clear to me that Uncle Tommy had done something fucked up.  

It turns out that I was right! Uncle Tommy had been sexting with some young hot whore and Aunt Janice caught him red-handed.  I overheard him explaining his side to mom and dad. Apparently, when Aunt Janice walked in on him, he was in the middle of a heated adult chat session.  His cock was in his hand and he was in mid-stroke. So now it all made sense. One night turned into an entire weekend. Then the weekend turned into a week and by the second week Uncle Tommy was bringing over other clothes and belongings. Mom and Dad had agreed to move him from our couch to a bedroom in the basement.  During this time he continued to try to make up with Aunt Janice, but she was making him sweat. 

Dad and Uncle Tommy go out! 

I heard Dad telling Mom that he was going to take Uncle Tommy out for the night, to show him a good time.  With everything that has been going on over the last 3 weeks, Dad thought it would be good for Tommy to get out and have a little fun. So they did.   They went out and got shit faced. I assume they had a great time because when the Uber driver dropped them off, they were loud. Both bumping into things as they stumbled to the house, waking up Mom.   Mom grabbed Dad and helped him to bed and told me to help Uncle Tommy.   

Family Fun Sex was what Uncle Tommy Needed! 

So I helped Uncle Tommy down to his makeshift bedroom in the basement.   He gripped me tightly by my waist and as I lead him down the basement steps.   I let him hold me snuggly to ensure that he did not tumble down the stairs. Once we reached the bottom of the steps he was still holding on to my waist while standing behind me.  I could feel his manhood growing and pressing against my ass. I did not move away, instead, I ground my ass up against his hard cock to tease him and boy was it working. From the hardness of his cock, I knew that I was not the only one that was thinking about family fun sex. 

I turned around to face him and began to undress him completely, before getting naked myself.   Stroking his fat dick, I told him how I knew what he was in need of. He needed a sweet tight pussy to make him feel better.  Leading him over to the bed, he laid on his back and I straddled his face so that he could taste the sweet pussy he was going to be fucking tonight.  Leaning over to suck on his cock, while pumping that wet pussy up and down on his tongue. His pre-cum flowed heavily in my mouth and I slurped every bit of it up.    After cumming all over his face, I could not wait to see how good Uncle Tommy was going to fuck me. 

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