My favorite kind of family fun roadtrip is a lot dirtier than the common comedy trope you’re used to. You know how they are written. First, families feud but pile into a vehicle of their choice. Next, the plot leads to a desperate need for reaching a specific destination within a set amount of time. A series of hijinks and hilarity ensues. By the end, everyone has learned a valuable lesson about life, love, and how important the family/friend unit is. (Also, where is Grandma / your virginity / Mr. Scruffers the beloved family dog?!)

If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, or it’s been a while since you’ve seen a roadtrip movie, here are a few funny ones:

Of course, I’ve experienced a fair number of mundane roadtrips. One summer my cousins and I went on the best family fun roadtrip of our lives. I’ll never forget how dirty we got headed down those dusty roads!

I’m Bustin’ Out. I Want The World To Know

Growing up in the northern midwest meant I didn’t see my two cousins from Oklahoma very often. We met at family reunions or family weddings. I had my first alcoholic drink with those boys. They always treated me like the little sister they never had. They thought of me as one of the guys until I grew into my curves.

Their mom, my aunt, flew back to Oklahoma. But my two cousins decided to take a road trip before heading back. Of course, I didn’t mind. Consider me thrilled to get out of my tiny town!

We didn’t plan where we were going. We only knew we wanted to spend more time getting to know each other. Tony made it clear that he really liked me within the first couple miles. He drove with one hand and put my hand on his dick with the other. After that, I unzipped his jeans and stroked his cock until he almost came. His brother in the back seat had no idea what was happening until I leaned over to blow him.

Jay yelled at me for nearly getting us killed but we were going slow enough. He said I was distracting the driver. If we hit anything, we probably would have bounced off anyway. I learned later that he was just jealous he wasn’t driving!

Family Fun Roadtrip

To even the score, I let Jay fuck me at the next rest stop. I reached to get something out of the backseat. He came up behind me and saw I had no panties on under my skirt. In seconds he had his cock pulled out and buried inside my pussy. While Tony went for snacks, his brother fucked me so hard he knocked me down into the seat.

Later that night, I had both of them give me some public pussy worship on the hood of that car.

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