Family Fun- with HIS family

I was engaged once. I remember a Christmas we spent with his family. His name was James and we had been together for a while. After dating for a little over a year, he asked me to marry him right before Christmas, and I was in love so of course, I said yes. I had met his family and they were very nice, except for his bitchy sister Denise. I loved being around his mom and dad, they were so much fun! So I couldn’t wait to have some family fun with them!

We drove a little over an hour and were going to stay with them for a few days. James’s Dad, well he was my favorite. The first time I ever met him, he told James that I was one of the hottest women he had ever seen. I laughed when he told me if things didn’t work out for James and me, he would like a shot. The crazy thing was, I would have given him one.

James Dad was named Rob. Rob was tall, slender, and a true southern gentleman. He drank gentleman’s Jack and had this sexy mysterious way about him, that made my panties so wet every time I was around him. James was excellent in the sack, and it only made me curious as to how his father was.

The entire time I was there, Rob flirted with me.

We would flirt and carry on back and forth, and his bitchy little daughter would get so jealous. Now to think of it, I think I did it partly to drive her insane. If I would have ever gotten the chance to take a crack at little sister with a bit of family fun, you can bet your ass I would have fucked hers. With the fattest longest dildo I had, and I would have made her take every inch!.

One night, while we were staying with his parents, I woke up. I was very thirsty and made my way down the stairs into the kitchen. His dad must have been feeling hungry because he was raiding the fridge. I stared at him quietly not wanting to scare him. When Rob stood up and turned around his cock was hanging out of the opening of his pajama pants. I was amazed at the girth, It was big… and HARD. I think he had been jerking off before his midnight snack. He noticed me standing there, and dropped the cookie from his mouth as he tried to hide his erection, back into his pants.

” You don’t have to hide it, Mr. Rob,” I said running some water from the tap into a glass. ” Anna, I am so sorry, I didn’t know anyone was downstairs,” he said stammering. ” No Need to explain Rob, this is your house, I’m just visiting. You can tug on your cock, and jerk off when you want too.”

His eyes grew wide.

” You see when I’m alone at my house, I like to do this” I pulled up the front of my night-gown, and slid my hand inside my panties, and began rubbing myself. “… and once I get started, there’s no stopping until I cum.”

He watched in amazement as I sat the glass of water on the counter, and rubbed my pussy in front of him. I watch his cock grow and poke out of that opening, and got so wet when his hand went around it.

We stood in front of each other fucking our hands, watching each others’ every move.

Mmmm, family FUN is best even if it is someone else’ family.


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