When I got sent on my first escort job, I didn’t know it would lead to family fun!

I needed a quick way to make some extra money so I took a job as an escort. Of course, I couldn’t tell my family cause my parents would flip out! I didn’t know when I got sent to my first job it would end in some family fun though! The agency called me to tell me that I had landed my first client. I was told to put on a very specific outfit and wear my hair a certain way.

It was the weirdest thing but I already wore my hair like that all the time. I had that outfit too, it was my schoolgirl uniform that I wore to class every day. I didn’t think too much about it though, I just figured the guy had a schoolgirl fetish. I’ve heard that’s a common fetish with older men.

My boss gave me the address for a hotel downtown. I didn’t know what to expect when I knocked at his door. It was unlocked and slightly open. He told me to come in and I nervously shut the door behind me as I smoothed my plaid skirt down.

I could see that he was completely naked and laying back on the huge bed.

He told me how happy he was with my looks. He said the agency had sent him exactly what he was looking for. I heard him mumble that I looked just like her, whatever that meant! I couldn’t get a good look at his face though until I got closer. That’s when I saw that it was my Uncle! OMG, I was super embarrassed but at the same time, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. His cock was fucking huge! I was hoping that he would be up for some naughty family fun.

Luckily Uncle Kenny just got even harder when he saw it was me. He confessed that he had been jerking off to my hot tight young body for years. Uncle Kenny couldn’t wait to fuck me! He even gave me an extra big tip when I showed off my amazing cock sucking skills. It was the hottest fuck ever! I heard him say next time we will have some golden showers fun

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