Family fun time…. SSHHH, it’s our little secret!

Family fun at Christmas was always innocent growing up, well that was until the year I turned 14. That Christmas changed everything. That’s when I realized some of my darkest desires and my new found affection for my cousin, Blake.

Like every year comes Christmas time my Aunt and Uncle came to our house for Christmas along with my cousins Blake and his baby sister Ashley. Blake was a little over a year older than me and he always thought he was so cool. Anytime we were supposed to hang out and have some family fun he would act like it bored him.

So that year after another day of Family fun and him acting like he was too cool to play along, I confronted him. My mom and aunt went to do some last minute shopping and my dad and uncle were in the garage tinkering around and my cousin Ashley was napping. I found Blake in the spare bedroom the door was shut and I could hear him moaning Ewww I knew he was playing with himself.

Just to embarrass him I barged in and asked him why he always acted bored hanging out with the family.

He looks at me and pulls off the blanket and tells me his interests are else where. Shocked I stood there and stared at my cousins big rock hard cock, I couldn’t look away. He noticed and told me to come here he had an idea for some Family fun time that he promised wouldn’t bore him. I slowly walked toward the bed and then when I reached him he pulled me down onto him and started kissing me. I pulled back and said this wrong we are related. He then tells me it will be our little secret.

I was entranced by him and his lips. He pulled off my shirt and starting sucking my nipples. God this was hot and it was about to get even hotter as he pulled down my panties. And pulled me on top of him and slid his big hard throbbing cock inside of my tight virgin pussy. Talk about Family fun.

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