It’s coming up on Thanksgiving & everyone is going to Buy food at the grocery store. Not my Family we have our own family tradition. We have been having Family Fun on Thanksgiving ever since I can remember. As My Family is a very sexual family. I can’t remember when I started to become involved. Then again my earliest memories were of sleeping in bed with Mom & Dad. I would wake up getting to watch Mom & Dad having sex. It was normal for me to see. I thought it was amazing to see how much My family loved each other. Soon My Brother was calling incest phone sex  & fucking me with them on calls. I can remember My Dad Fucking My Mom & reach over petting my hair as he pounded her ass. It seemed very sweet to me. As years went by it was just fact. We all Loved each other & we all shared each other’s bodies. It was natural to crave my Brothers touch. For My Dad to take showers with me & of course end up on my knees sucking his rod.

Family Fun Tradition

When Thanksgiving came around it was a Big family event. We hosted everyone at our house. Clothes came off at the door & it was a fuckfest all day long. My Uncles, Grandfather My Dad & My Brothers would watch the game as us girls serviced their cocks. In between the games, one of the men would lead us to a bedroom If we were lucky two of them would play with us. Mom & my Aunts would usually be in the kitchen cooking, However, The BBC My Mom has been testing out as our Family guest helps A LOT in the kitchen. My Mom has been working very hard to find the perfect addition to your Meal for weeks now. Going out to different swinger clubs to make sure she finds the BBC that can keep up with our Family Fun! When passing by the Kitchen he seems to be doing a good job. I saw him have My Aunt Molly bent over the table giving it to her hard as Mom was putting in The Turkey. I didn’t have much time to enjoy the view My Uncle Larry was about to stuff me as he was leading me to my room.

Taking Uncle Larry for the First Time

Once back to my room, Uncle Larry, had me get on my knees in lick the pre-cum off his cock. Uncle Larry tasted Salty & Sweet at the same time, Licking his Big Fat Cock Head was always a special treat. He only picked you once he knew you could handle his Think Python. He was so thick you could barely wrap your mouth around his rob. Once getting him nice in hard he laid me back onto my bed, Looked at me & said Lay still My Teen Sex Slut this might be uncomfortable for a minute but I promise you will be cumming in no time! Uncle Larry rubbed his cock on my tight slit teasing my juices to start leaking out of me. It felt so good I just wanted his rob inside of me. He pitched the tip of his cock as he slid it inside my hole. I moaned as thinking he was not going to fit. His cock was stretching every inch of my tight cunt every inch he took. Forcing himself deeper & deeper into my young pussy.

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Every inch harder than the last inch.

Looking up at my uncle watching his face with pure delight. Enjoying the tightest pussy he’s had all year. His daughters were older now. It didn’t take long until Uncle Larry was working his cock in & out of my cunt.

My juices & his pre-cum intertwining making a slick lube. I felt stuffed, completely full. Uncle Larry’s cock was the fattest cock that I’ve ever had. It didn’t take long till I felt my pussy clench down on his rob & start Orgasming. Uncle Larry’s cock felt amazing! After my Orgasms, Uncle Larry Pulled me off his cock & flipped me over. It was time he started to pound my pussy. My Uncle thrust his cock deep inside my cunt. Fucking me Hard & Fast! I could tell My Uncle Larry wanted to cum. He was relentless on my pussy now. Pounding my young wet pussy. Till I felt him Release that big load inside of me. My family doesn’t believe a man’s load should ever be wasted.

The Nigth continued into the morning. All us girls were used properly. Only two of us was actually bred that day. One was being my Aunt by the BBC she was taking in the kitchen. The other was My Sister. So we may never find out who the real Daddy is but rest to sure its a family matter. This will not be the last time she will be breed to a family member.  The Family Fun continues every year & I can only be so lucky to be bred next year.