I stayed at my parent’s house last weekend and on Sunday night they invited my aunt, uncle and 17-year-old cousin Brett over for a family dinner.

I hadn’t seen Brett for a few years and he’s definitely grown up now. All through dinner I felt him looking at me. God, even family members can’t keep their eyes off me. After dinner the adults went into the living room and Brett went upstairs.

I hung out with the adults for a bit and then I got bored.

Then I decided to go up to my room and kill some time on my computer. Hearing some soft moans as I got closer to my room  I noticed my bedroom door was slightly open.

I crept to the door and looked in. Brett was sitting on the edge of my bed with his jeans down around his knees. He had a silky piece of red fabric around his dick and he was jerking it like he was going for a record.

My dresser drawer was open and realized the red fabric was a pair of my panties. I watched him as he continued to stroke himself.

I know it’s pervy but I liked what I saw.

He was a decent size in the dick department and I got wet at the thought of him pounding me with it. I slipped my hand into my jeans as I watched my panties slide over his dick. Then I stroked myself as he continued to jerk himself off. I was just starting to get into it when he came. He wiped himself off with my panties and tucked them into his pocket.

      I ran down the hall so he wouldn’t see me. After he went back to his room I lay down on my bed and finished what I had started.

Taboo Phone Sex