The coming signs of Fall ignite my wickedly seductive touch!

As the days become shorter and the leaves fall from the trees something naughty awakens within me.  It might be the cool air, the changing of the colors, or the thought of “spooky season” that makes my body tingle. The scent of fall fills the air so I plan a trip to my favorite place. I eagerly count down the days until I can give in to my wickedly seductive touch. Packing only the essentials, I hop into my car and head to the mountains.

When I arrive at my cabin I grab my things and head inside. Luckily for me, a storm is heading in so I prepare a small fire. A low burn fills the fireplace as I open all the windows to let in the pre-rain breeze. Heading to my room I change into something a bit more comfortable and try to resist my wickedly seductive touch a moment longer. Then I grab my vibrating bullet and then head out to the stream behind the cabin.

Touch My Body!

The scent of leaves and rain fills the air as I lay out on a rock next to the stream. A cool breeze brushes over my skin as I completely undress. I feel a slight chill creep over my nipples, getting them very hard. The sound of the trickling stream next to me calms my body and releases my Kinky Inner Goddess. I run my hands over my naked body and give in to my wickedly seductive touch.

When my finger touches my sensitive core I let out a soft moan. The winds howl around as the rain approaches, making my body ache with excitement. I work my fingers deeper into my wet ebony pussy letting the sounds of nature fuel my wickedly seductive touch. Grabbing my vibrator I rub the soft vibrations against my hard nipples making my pussy juices drip onto the rock. Then the sound of the approaching rain becomes clear as it creeps down the stream.

Mother Nature’s Touch and my Wickedly Seductive Touch!

The daunting yet hypnotic feeling nature gives me puts me in a trance of erotic pleasure. My anticipation to feel Mother Nature’s wickedly seductive touch becomes too much to bear. The approach to my imminent pleasure makes me moan out for more as the distant drops approach my fully exposed body. Soon, the croaks and crackles of nature’s creatures soften as the trees sway in the breeze then it arrives!

Soon,  as the first drops of rain land on my aching nipples my body screams with pleasure. I lay back on the rock giving my body to nature. Spreading my legs, I embrace the cool drops of water as they trail down my naked body.   The rain beats down on my pleasure spots, so I let Mother Nature’s wickedly seductive touch send me over the edge of my natural ecstasy. The rain kisses my skin as I release myself into it and meanwhile embrace my soul preparing it for the season of wickedness.

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