Sucking Cock!  As the seasons begin to shift into a time of year where things are ending; the green grass and full trees of summer, to the changing of the guard…so-to-speak into fall!  And even though it’s supposedly and ending…for most it’s a rejuvenating re-birth to the fading year. All that being said, it’s a PHENOMENAL time of year to make your bold entree into phone sex.  Fall into phone sex sucking, if you will. Enter, The Phone Sex Kingdom.  A luxuriously debaucherous romp with a cumplete stranger.  But, oh no! Not just ANY stranger. We’re talking about The Ladies of the Kingdom! To this…there is no comparison! Why?

The answer to the “why” of it all is multi-layered. We range from sweet, sultry and seductive, girl next door types…all the way to the other end of the spectrum, the most savagely delicious Mistresses of Darkness who would make the Marquis de Sade blush in horror and EVERY THING in between!  Baby, if this is your first trip to the Land of Pleazurez ([email protected]), you’d better buckle in…it’s going to be a very bumpy ride! But, a ride you’re not likely to EVER FORGET!

Enter the kingdom grounds…step inside the opening gates, stare in awe at the palace of beautiful woman…all lounging about from porches, courtyards and balconies. Looking sometimes like an old-time brothel? NEVER!  The women here are experienced in the craft. But make no mistake about it…just because we are able to deliver on your individual fantasies, doesn’t mean we’re “acting”. We have feelings too.  And that’s EXACTLY what makes it so much fun…for all parties involved!

Would we LOVE to skip off into the sunset with you? Sometimes, yes! Dream of fucking you? have you pounding my tight young pussy and ass into submission, shoving your cock (that I only hear about) down my throat? YES! I think daily of sharing our fetish phone sex naughty behavior in real life. But, for me personally, I live in a land of pleasure, but with an eye toward my future and it’s an ongoing process.  I cannot and will not be set off my schedule of things I have planned for myself. In order for the man of my future to be open to my past…I have to actually achieve my goals.

We’re bound by rules of employment so we can only go so far. But, do I dream of you at night? Yes. Even when I’m awake sometimes. I stay wet thinking about you…my heartbeat quickens and I actually CRAVE YOU! So, I wait…I wait for another chance to…Fall into Phone Sex with you.  You leave me waiting. But, it’s all good.  Because in phone sex land , unlike your “real life”, no one here at the Kingdom complains…Be who and how you are! Go at your own pace, for I will always wait.

One of my favorite sayings, as told to me by a sexy man I know is…”Take me as I am, or LEAVE ME AS YOU FOUND ME! Don’t try to change me!” Amen and hallelujah to that! My dreams are for me and you and our phone sex sucking.  And I’m so happy to give it to you! Call me. Let’s get to know one another, and fuck our brains out in whatever arena you secretly desire! There is NOTHING TOO TABOO for Joey. I am easily turned on by things others might cringe, or shy away from. Call, or email me and tell me your favorite kink. I defy you to cum up with something I would say no to. Especially SUCKING!  Giggle



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