Facts about anal sex, What you need to know before you travel to the dark side.

Facts about anal sex for males and females. Most people think that anal sex is just what it is. The fact is anal sex is so much more than that. Obviously, the most commonly known it the penis, strap on, and even the dildo. Anal sex can be performed with any group of people. Man and woman, man and man, woman and woman. Yes with woman and women you will need toys. Toys can also be used for alone play. A lot of people like their alone play time.

You can masturbate anal style.

Anal beads that are used with regular intercourse are also considered to be anal sex. Anal beads are inserted into the ass. Inserting one bead and as you thrust your ass automatically sucks the other beads in there. At the point where you are ready to cum, grab the ring and yank them out of your ass. This will cause you to have a more intense orgasm and cum harder than you have ever come before.

Trust me on this one.

Facts about anal sex, another fact is that anal sex does not have to have your ass penetrated to be considered anal sex. Rubbing, tickling, and licking of the outside of the asshole, between the butt cheeks, is also anal. Anal beads and other toys can be found at your local adult sex toy store or on websites that sell adult items. They do sell toys specifically made for anal play. While you are shopping for toys don’t forget the lube. Yes, you are going to need some good lube.

Facts about anal sex, ok, let’s talk about lube now.

There are several different types of lubricant. The first one we are going to talk about is a water-based lubricant. These are the most common types of lube because they are safe for silicone toys. They are good for all sexual activities and have a very low chance of causing a yeast infection in women if used properly.  Also they can be washed off very easy due to the fact that they are water-based. They leave no residue on the skin. The only downfall to this lube is that sometimes it does dry out and you may have to reapply it.

Facts about anal sex and oil-based lubricant.

Oil-based lubes are a lot longer lasting than the water-based ones. Moisturizing your skin with every use they are more beneficial than the water one. These lubricants are also a thicker consistency and cive better comfort during sex. Oil-based lubricants are better for beginners of anal sex. Because of the oil base in this lubricant, it is also a good choice for sex in the pool or hot tub.
But never ever use an oil-based lubricant with latex condoms. The oil can damage the latex and may cause it to break.

Facts about anal sex and silicone lube.

The thickest of the thickest. But unfortunately, this lube can only be used for sex. Silicone-based lubricants can not be used with any toys. The good news is it can be used with latex condoms. The facts about anal sex and pleasure. To experience toe curling anal sex for men you must first find the prostate gland. Once you begin to stimulate the gland will fill with fluid. When you are properly stimulated a man can orgasm. Some women say they can experience the same toe-curling sex from anal without the clitoral stimulation. While this is uncommon for most women it is possible for some.

The truth about anal sex and the mess that might come along with it.

It is true that most people worry about the mess that it might cause. I’m not going to lie sometimes there might be a little accident. As long as you have gone to the bathroom in the past 3 hours you should be fine. But if you are that worried you can always plan an enema before the big event. So enjoy your butt play and if by some chance you do make a mess you can always enjoy hot steamy shower sex after. Then call me for hot steamy phone sex

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