Facesitting Session with Ashley

Hello there, all you ass lovers of the kingdom!  This is Ashley, your favorite HORNY BBW.  I wanna talk about something we have in common in fact its one of my favorite fetishes of all time, facesitting!  You know and I know that all you, men love my big chubby ass, but what you didn’t know is I love it, too.  It’s so thick, jiggly and fucking sexy.  Trust me I completely understand why you can’t get enough of these cheeks and ass hole.  I LOVE when you beg to worship it, getting to touch and kiss each cheek before tracing my ass crack with your tongue.  Bet you wouldn’t mind either, would you?

  I can just imagine how hard your cock gets and your balls fill with cum!  We should do something about that, we don’t want those balls to get black and blue.  In fact, I think what we need is a mind-blowing facesitting session.

Just imagine being pinned down underneath my beautiful fat ass?  You wouldn’t have much of a choice but to worship every inch of my ass then, would you?  I wouldn’t let you get up either NOT until I was good and ready for you too, which I’m betting you won’t mind at all.  LOL  Want to try it, are you brave enough to get beneath my jiggly ass?  Let’s face it boys, every part of my body deserves worship, we both know that!  But there’s ONLY ONE part of me that stands out from all the others even my giant tits, and that’s this amazing fucking ass!

I bet your cock is throbbing and your mouth is drooling just looking at those fat ass cheeks.

You want to be underneath my voluptuous ass, don’t be shy cum try a little facesitting with me, I promise it will rock your world!!  The thought of using your face as my chair makes my pussy wet and my butt hole quiver.  It is the perfect position to get your face completely buried beneath my fat ass.

For all those not familiar with face-sitting it is also called smothering and my personal favorite QUEENING.  I think that is fitting because I sure feel like a FUCKING QUEEN when I’m using your face as my personal throne.  You will feel like the Queen’s favorite toy when you have your tongue buried deep in my tight ass hole!!

Do you love worshiping the ass of a BBW Queen?  I bet you fucking do and you will get the full monty with me, you’ll get to breathe the smell in deep and taste my puckered b hole.  You’ll feel the full weight of my body pinning you underneath my fat ass.

Taboo Phone Sex!