Facesitting at its finest!

I love to control a man, but I never knew facesitting would provide the ultimate satisfaction for my needs. I was feeling particularly horny one night and this guy from my Algebra class seemed to be the perfect target for my nasty plans. He had an innocence about him and was incredibly nerdy. He always seemed nervous when I got too close to him and it turned me on to see him squirm! I wondered the last time he got some sexy pussy all over him. I bet he had never had a girl like me before!

I told him that I needed help with math and invited him over after school. He said he would be happy to come after he got done with the chemistry club. What a nerd! As I waited for him, I took a nice hot shower and got off thinking about facesitting his goofy face with my ass. My pussy was so swollen from the anticipation that I could barely keep my hands off of myself. I put on a sexy black lace thong, short shorts and a cute tee shirt where you could easily see my erect little nipples.

When he arrived, I offered him a beer and he declined. He seemed really nervous and kept fidgeting his hands. I told him to make himself comfortable on my couch and I could feel his eyes glued to my ass as I got us a beer anyway.

“Drink it.”

He chugged his beer and said that he wanted to be sure that I was prepared for the test on Friday. I told him the only way to prepare was to loosen up. I removed the beer from his hand and sat on his lap. He seemed in shock and started shaking.

“Whoa, uh what are you doing?”

I told him that the only thing he needed to teach me was how he used his mouth. I removed his glasses from his face and ordered him to lay down on the couch. I removed my shorts but kept the thong on. I then straddled his face and told him to open his mouth. I placed my lace covered pussy on his mouth and ordered him to start licking it. He did as he was told! Facesitting at its finest!

He then moved my thong to the side and started to really go at my pussy. I looked back to see his cock hard in his pants and I could see pre-cum leaking through his jeans! Ooooh, someone is certainly excited. I continued fucking his face and grinding my pussy all over his mouth. I made him lick my asshole and forced my ass all over his face, cutting off air. He started squirming saying he couldn’t breathe and then I would let up, laughing. He kept eating my pussy and so I knew he loved it! Lick that pussy you nerd! Yummy!

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