I like how kinky you are. I know you like to look at my ass. When you grab my butt cheeks I get so hot between my legs. Yes, baby, pull me close to you and let me feel that hard on of yours growing between the crack of my ass. That’s what you really want. Isn’t it? Yes, I know you want to fuck me but I know what really turns you on. That’s right. I love face sitting! Let Me Sit On Your Face.

I can see you licking your lips at the thought of it. You love licking ass. Don’t you? You love to slide your tongue up and down the crack of my ass all the way to my tight little star. I love when you slide that tongue up and down and all around.  When you circle the tip of your tongue around my tight ass hole I go crazy. Oh baby, let me sit on your face and smother you. Lay down now, lover. Show me how much you want it.

Aren’t you a good boy. You’re laying down with your cock sitting up at attention. Woohoo. And what a hard fat cock it is. But your hands are stretched out near your head. You are ready to receive my fat round ass on your face. Aren’t you? Your tongue is wagging back and forth like a little dog. You can’t wait to lick my asshole, you little freak. But you’re my little freak. And don’t worry, baby. I’m going to give you what you want.

Lay back. Watch me spread my legs and straddle your body.

I want you to Watch me, baby. Watch me squat down. I’m taking my time. Squatting and crotching down…down…down. I’m spreading my ass cheeks wider and wider as I squat down, down, down. Oh, now I’m face sitting on you. Mmm. I can feel your tongue sliding up my crack. Now I’m pressing all the weight of my ass on your face. I’m smothering you. You like it. Smell it. Lick it. Suck my asshole. You love it. Worship my ass. It’s yours.


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