As a sexy domme, I have many subs willing to bow down to me. Some are fully compliant and do as they are told. Then, they are others that don’t. Of course, that makes me angry and messes with my fabulous findom fun.

I enjoy it so much more when everyone is in alignment. Showing up with money and tributes just as they are directed. I don’t think I am too demanding of them. It isn’t my problem if they are struggling to meet my demands.

It is their problem to resolve if they want to continue playing with such a beautiful goddess. My lifestyle is expensive and these men know I expect them to help pay for it. In return, they get me and my time.

Fabulous FinDom Fun takes a lot out of diva too!

My piggies come in different levels. I have the real men and the losers. The real men are strong, successful studs. They have nice bodies and big dicks. Most of them are on point with the tributes and money I require as a findom.

Some of them falter now and then but are quick to resolve the issues. Then, there are my losers. The little piggies that suck at every area of life and love being dominated. Out of shape, shitty jobs and marriages.

These guys come to me to escape and I don’t blame them. Most of the time they stay on point as well but many of them tend to fall behind on the tributes. For all of my guys, real men or losers, the repercussions of falling behind is going without fabulous findom fun.

I love them all but I will not take their shit!

It is my way or the highway. I am one fine ass Sexy FinDom Goddess and men beg to be with me. If someone is unable to meet my demands, I can replace him in a heartbeat. Of course, I give them more than one chance to resolve the issue.

I am not completely heartless. However, I do need my fucking benjamins rolling in to make me happy. It is so simple and yet, they still screw it up. Look at me, it makes you wonder how they can do that.

Taking the risk of losing out on time spent with someone as beautiful and gifted as me. My naughty games are like no others. My fabulous findom fun is like nothing you have ever experienced before!

Men literally begging for me after a session with me.

Of course, it is all my amazing skills that are driving them wild. I have an arsenal of skills I use on them. From sensual domination, pantyhose domination, tease and denial and so much more!

Then, there is my perfect tight pussy that makes a cock feel like royalty. When their dicks are sliding in and out of me, they know I am worth every penny. Of course, not all of them get this opportunity.

Sadly, for the losers, they are only able to please me. It is similar for my callers during my Humiliation Phone Sex. The losers must please me before they get theirs if they get it at all.

Which are you? A real man or a loser? Call me so we can decide!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke