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Age play Phone Sex is naughty fun. It’s such an exxxtreme form of role play and I’m your girl. I’m 19 and that makes me barely legal as it is but I can be whatever age you crave babe.

You wanna hear my sweet voice talk about my tight little pussy? Bare and ready for the taking. I might not know exactly what you have in mind for me or even understand it but I’m sure I’ll come around! Which naughty fantasy will we play out together!

I play well with others and I promise I’ve been taught how to share. So sweet and so innocent. Maybe daddy can teach me more. A little incest flavor with your age play? Will that tickle your fancy? How about sharing me? With your friends, with family, with anyone and everyone. I’m yours to handle and do as you see fit.

You won’t believe how quick I can learn. Teach me how to suck you like a lollipop. Show me what drives you wild. I want to make you feel good. I promise I’ll do my best. And my pussy? You won’t BELIEVE how tight it is. You’ll probably have to work me with your fingers first before you can even begin to push inside. My ass? That’s going to take LOTS of time! But it’ll all be worth it!

My tight hairless body will writhe beneath you.

Sweet little tits, my flat tummy, my perfect hips. My sweet young mouth will be making noises I don’t even recognize. You’ll need me more and more. I’ll be yours, completely. Every part of me claimed by you to do as you wish.

The ultimate age play fantasy you’ve been needing. My sweet pigtails, tight body, young velvet voice. It’ll be enough to take you places that you didn’t know existed.

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