Extreme Taboo with my kinky sister, and I want more.

Extreme taboo with a kinky twist.  That is exactly the thoughts running through my perverted mind as I gazed at my sister. The long lost sister emerged this past week and we had a reunion not many get to experience. Being gone for so long, I’d forgotten how drop dead gorgeous she was. Welcoming that pretty thing into my house, I have to admit there was a motive behind it.

After dinner, drinks were poured and stories shared.  In fact, there was a lot of drinks poured. Looking so alluring in a tight white tee shirt, I scooted next to Jessica on the couch.  The next thing I knew, my hands were fondling her. Becoming the aggressor I straddled her there on the couch. Slipping my tongue in her mouth while grabbing her shirt and ripping it open.  Jessica gasped, then smiled. ‘Needing a little family fun like old times sis?’, she cooed.  No words were needed.  The lust in my eyes told her what needed to be said.

I’d totally forgotten my neighbor Travis was still there. Of course, he didn’t mind the show at all, sitting there stroking his cock to the taboo scene.  I lifted my shirt and popped my tits out of the red lace bra that was holding them hostage. Pushing them together, I forced them into her mouth and watched her suckle and nibble them. Watching Jessica enjoy it, turned me on more. Pulling her off the couch we made our way onto the rug in the middle of the living room. Kissing her taut stomach while I opened her pants, Jessica panted wiggling her hips.

Sister’s Love

Slithering out of her jeans; her panties were the only thing in the way. Slipping them down over her mound I found a landing strip just like mine. Parting her pussy lips, I lightly licked between the folds till I reached her clit. Working my tongue and fingers together in perfect rhythm, she moaned and closed her legs around my face. Dying to see if I could make her squirt, I worked the spot inside that drives me crazy. And sure enough, Jessica did! As that pussy drenched my face with her juices I rubbed her pink lips in a frenzy keeping her orgasm going.

So turned on, I stood up and took off my jeans. Licking my lips as I watched her fingers work in and out of herself. Laying back on top of her, our tits rubbing together I heard a moan from behind me. There was Travis, his cock shiny and leaking pre-cum. I smiled and invited him over for a closer look. I then scissored my sister. Our pussy’s fitting together like a perfect puzzle, as Travis stroked. I didn’t even hear my brother walk in because we were being so loud! All I knew is that I wanted to get off, and get off bad!

My Brother Emerges

I flipped over and patted my pink lips and told her to come feed! And I told Travis to get behind her and fuck her while she did it.  His eager cock ready to find a warm place to stow his load, he shook his head yes. He did just as he was commanded! Shoving her face inside my wet lips, working her nose on my clit! As I leaned back I caught a glimpse of my brother. His own cock out now and looking for a place to put it.  Everything was a blur, I was so turned on. The extreme taboo of it all had me crazy.

I grabbed James’ cock, sucking on it like my life depends upon it. Hearing Travis urging us on made me cum all over my sisters face. She lapped and fingered, and begged for more. My body still in the middle of an orgasm, I felt my brother’s cock throb in my mouth. His cum started pumping into my mouth. I had my own dirty meal that I’ve never gotten to experience before. Spent and still tingling, I laid on the floor next to Jessica stroking her breasts. And it wasn’t long before we were kissing each other, ready to fuck again.

Extreme Taboo Phone Sex With The Naughtiest Housewife Around