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Come and take a walk on the dark side with me. I bet that extreme religious blasphemy will get you off like never before! Maybe I should come to church and sit in the pew across from you. It’s such a turn on teasing you with glimpses of my pretty little panties while you’re sitting next to your wife. She thinks she has the perfect marriage with a man that would never cheat on her.

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Once you’re here, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to join the party.

Take me in your marital bed. I want the scent of my sweet pussy to fill your sheets. Then when your Jesus worshiping wife slips beneath those covers, she’ll smell me everywhere. There’s no way she could confuse my sweet scent with the smell of her uptight prude pussy! Don’t worry, we can take it nice and slow baby. I won’t spring it all on you at once. After all, I want it to be your decision to give your soul over to Satan. It’s not nearly as fun if someone has to twist your arm to get you to give in.

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