A Potty play Session Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Experienced

Last night Roxy and I participated in a potty play session like neither of us have ever experienced. What can I say, it was Dirty and we couldn’t get enough. You see, “M” is a very loyal listener of Dirty on the Thirty and he wanted nothing more than for Roxy and I to watch him on Skype. What he had in store for us, was nothing short of nasty. Needless to say, we loved every single minute of it.

When “M” called us on Skype, he was already set up. There he was with his little pink panties on, knelt over an empty plastic tub and 1 gallon of water, ready to put into his ass. Right away when we got on “M” dazzled us with a nice stream of warm piss right then and there in his panties. Roxy and I listened as that stream drizzled out of his panties and down his legs. It was a sight for sore eyes!

Next, “M” decided to give us a little poopy present. It wasn’t long before he was filling those pissy pink panties. Roxy and I loved every single minute of that too. We waited in anticipation as the shit-filled his panties and began to spew out of the sides. We watched in amazement as “M” gripped up a handful of that stinky shit and started to massage his cock with it.

The sight was too good to look away from.

There was a moment when Roxy and I were telling our little potty pig what to do and it was time. It was time for “M” to give himself that 1-gallon enema! Not to brag or anything, but not only “M” manages to take the whole gallon, but he got almost a full 2nd gallon in that tight ass of hiss too. I can’t even begin to describe how fucking messy “M” got, but it was worth every single minute. Right before we allowed “M” to squeeze out that shit water, we told him to cum. And cum he did!

He was there, knelt over a tub full of shit, piss, water and cum. Can you imagine for a moment, how much fun we were having to watch this kinky boy release it all for us? It was then that we ordered our dirty boy to squeeze out every single drop of that enema. He knelt there, while we watched his stomach muscles flex as pushed and pushed. It took a few seconds, but then all of a sudden we witnessed two gallons of water rush out of “M’s” ass. The sound was like a waterfall and the site was like something out of an extreme potty play porno.

We couldn’t take our eyes off the screen.

Immediately thereafter, we ordered our little potty boy to cum again. Ropes of white stringy cum flew out of his swollen cock. That wasn’t even my favorite part. To find out you’re going to have to give me a call and I will tell you in great detail just how much fun we REALLY had. Are you into taboo phone sex? How do you feel about potty play? If golden showers, enema and scat play is your thing, then I am the dirty doll for you. No limits and no rules!

Phone Sex Girls!