One thing I believe is that when we think about ageplay is that it does not always have to be nice. I am sure I am not the only one that daydreams about making little sweet darlings cry from pain. The reason I decided to say something about this subject is because I can not get this next-door neighbor girl out of my mind. This is the story of my Extreme Forced Ageplay Fantasies with little Ashley.

Let me tell you about the sweet little girl next door.

I have had my eye on her for a bit. Ever since they moved in last October. First time I ever noticed her was on Halloween night when she came to my door trick or treating with her little kitty cat costume. She indeed was a pussy I would love to eat out for hours. She was the precious thing I had seen in a while. Her mom would do brush her golden blonde hair and put it up in pigtails. I would watch her mom do that every morning before she would put her baby girl in the yellow school bus. Watching Ashley from my bedroom window while I stroked my pervert wet pussy was my daily treat. I knew she had the potential of being the best ageplay princess whore I desperately needed in my life.

This little bitch was about to learn what a big deviant pervert I was.

It was on a Friday around 4 PM. That was the time her school bus would drop her off in front of her house. That day my cop boyfriend was home and I had him all hot and bothered. I had told him how bad I wanted to make this baby girl my personal whore and how I wanted to make her hurt a little bit for being a cock tease. This time around I wanted to be the perverted neighbor that would fuck all the little sluts. I had decided that this was going to be the day I took her innocence away. I waited for her to come home and I told her I had lost my puppy. It was easy picking her up and bringing her inside my house down into my basement.

Extreme Forced Ageplay Fantasies

Back to my story… I took her down to the basement and tied her up and told her not to move. It was my cop boyfriend the cute cock tease slut and myself. We both wanted to see her punished for being such a cock tease ageplay princess. I started off slow, showing her my boyfriend’s cock. Her eyes got so wide when she watched me suck on him. I then had my boyfriend stroke his cock in front of her face while I sucked on her tiny clit. She did put up a bit of a struggle when I was taking off her panties. But, once I put my lips up to her pussy and started to lick and suck she actually opened up like a butterfly.

It did not take long for her ass to get drilled.

The objective was to get her pussy and ass slick with spit before I would hold her down while I watched him rub his cock head and watch him smear his precum on her tight pucker hole. To tear apart her sweet little ass and of course her pink cunny we had to do a lot of licking. The sound of that girl squealing like a little pig was music to our ears. Extreme Forced Ageplay Fantasies should be all sorts of deviant filthy actions. He made him so excited that he was able to pop his mushroom head inside her asshole. I have to admit the first 2 inches are always hard but once you get past the first 2 the rest just slides in. The entire cock slide in and out with ease after a few strokes. I got under them and started making out her tight young cunt. Her sweet creamy juices were delicious. Started to suck on his balls as they were hitting me on my chin while I was sucking on her. Watching her cry and starting to bleed was the best thing ever.

There is nothing better than to experience that with a  girl the first time it happens. Extreme Forced Ageplay Fantasies are one of my favorite things to talk about. If this is something you feel compelled to explore or to share stories please call me and let’s have fun together.

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