Extreme edging session is a dream cum true

Teased and denied until you’re ruined for sex. Edged so frequently and so mercilessly that you might just cum at the first touch. Kept in such a constant state or desperation that you’re now completely unfuckable. Jerking off so much and extreme edging sessions. That dick is now so sensitive and desperate. You’re as good as cockless now, and that’s exactly how I like you. I’m going to have My fun with you.

 What a challenge for chronic masturbators like you

Being brought right to the point of no return and being denied the ultimate finish. Prolonging something so good just for it to be even better when you can finally obtain it. Maybe if you are a very good slave boy I’ll let you cum. I might just lock you up in your steel cock cage instead.

Extreme edging session has you tied up

First, I’ll tie you to a chair. Naked, of course. Then, I’ll drag my hand down your face. As your cock slowly twitches, I bring my mouth close to you. Next, I lick your face until it’s covered in my saliva. I trail my hands down your neck, chest, and belly. Starting the extreme edging session with a soft touch all over you. I continue until you are squirming which makes me laugh.

Let’s stroke, don’t cum

Your wrists are restrained behind the chair you sit in. I pull the blindfold off of you. Then, I stand back to watch the precum drip out of you. We haven’t even stroked your cock yet and those balls are turning blue. Completely helpless and at the mercy of a woman. The perfect time to begin stroking. I gripped that throbbing cock and slid to the balls. Nice and slow I went back up.

The extreme edging session has been going on for a while now. You lost track of time, but I’m always counting. That cock is red, thick, and drooling. I continue stroking you. Twisting my grip. When you least expect it, I bend down and barely lick that peehole and scoop up that precum.

Be a good boy and focus

You have to focus and enjoy the few seconds that your cock isn’t being pleasured. Between the strokes, licks, and pumps. Every time you are about to squirt, I pull all stimulation away. Thirty seconds until I start again at the same speed. Don’t you hate how it takes so long to go soft but how quick it is to get hard? You get so fucking close.  Do you want to cum now, boy? I’d rather you impress me with your self-control. I am quite excited to see how much cum you have in there for me.

The stroking speeds up. Your precum has lubed up my entire hand. As I stroke, I rub my thumb right on that swollen tip. Stroking faster yet. Now, when I count to ten you can cum. If you don’t when I say ten, then we are ruining your orgasms.


Just then your belly spasmed in ecstasy and a flood of warm white juices sprayed out. Thick hot ropes of cum erupted from your cock.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke