I know you’ve got an extreme agalmatophilia fetish.

It’s time for you to fess up to your extreme agalmatophilia fetish. You’re so obvious, it’s written all over your face every time you step into my house. My parents have religious statues everywhere, don’t they? It’s kind of embarrassing that they’re such extreme Catholics. Don’t worry though cause I’m definitely not! Obviously, I did just sneak you in while my parents aren’t home. How come your dick is hard looking at their statues? You don’t want to do something weird like pray before we fool around do you?

You’re having perverted thoughts looking at those statues, aren’t you? Just admit that you have an extreme agalmatophilia fetish, and the real fun can start. Oh, I have an idea. Let’s see how that statue of Jesus looks with your pre-cum smeared across it. I knew it! Your cock totally just got harder and jumped right in your pants. Tell me all about the dirty thoughts running through your mind right now looking at that whore Mary. There are so many filthy perverted things we can do with them. Best of all, if we do it right, my parents won’t even know we had some fun with their precious statues.

Go ahead, indulge your extreme agalmatophilia fetish with me. Grab the nearest Mary statue, the one where she has her mouth open supposedly in prayer. I don’t think so though. She looks like she’s ready to suck some dick, wouldn’t you say? She’s in the perfect position, kneeling with her mouth open wide. It looks like she’s saying ahh. Rub your dick across those so-called holy lips. That’s right, religious blasphemy makes my tight young teen pussy drip! Suck that dick, Mary! Ooh, let’s see how far you can slide your dick into her mouth.

How does it feel to face fuck that statue of Mary?

Your pre-cum is shining on her lips like lip gloss. Your cock is so much harder. I knew you were into perverted naughty shit like me! There’s an even bigger statue in the garden that you can really slide your cock into. So what do you say? Do you want to fuck the so-called Virgin Mary before you fuck me? You can slide my rosary beads up my pussy or my ass while you fuck that statue right next to me. You’re leaking at just the thought of it, aren’t you? I can tell you really want to act on your extreme agalmatophilia fetish.

Come on, the fence is high enough that the neighbors won’t see us outside. I reach for your pants and pull your rock hard cock right back out. There’s so much pre-cum leaking out like crazy that Mary is going to be plenty lubed up. Now’s your chance to fuck that statue. Give that whore Mary dick like she’s been craving. Fuck the shit out of her, pound her so hard until you blast a huge load of sticky hot cum deep inside oh her mouth.

My parents are so clueless, they’ll never notice her cum splashed face, and they definitely won’t notice she has a mouth full of cream either. But I’ll know. It’s going to be so funny to see them put flowers and sweets in front of their precious statues. If they only knew how we’re violating them right now! My pussy is drenched right now from being such a naughty blasphemous little slut for you, right outside where anyone could catch us. My neighbors are pretty freaky though from what I’ve heard. They would probably get so horny watching that they would start fucking.

I need your cock right now, so let’s fuck in my parent’s bed!

Come one, follow me upstairs. I’m ready to get your cock rock hard again so I can take your hot sticky load this time. Why should Mary be the only one to have some fun? Should I say the Hail Mary in between slurping on your cock? Ooh, that made you pop right back up. Now I’m getting on all fours on my parent’s sheets so you can pound me from behind right under that big crucifix they hang over their bed.

Don’t stop till you fill my pussy up so much that the cum oozes back out onto their sheets. I wonder if they’ll notice cum and pussy stains and scents on the bed? Don’t look so scared. I’m their precious innocent little daughter, they would never ever suspect me in a million years!

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