Firstly if you do not know what Impact Play the definition you will receive when you look it up is this:

Impact Play: is a human sexual practice in which one person (the sub) is struck (usually repeatedly) by another person (the dom) for the sexual gratification of either or both parties. It is considered a form of BDSM.

Impact play covers Erotic Spankings, Caning, getting your ass paddled, being hit with a riding crop, being whipped, smacked with a belt,ect. You get the idea of all that it covers now.

I want to know for those of you whom have never done it and are curious what object would you use to inflict a rough swat on your body with? Where would you spank? Do you already enjoy pain? How far do you envision taking it?

If you indeed practice impact play then I want to know what your favorite object to use is? How hard do you go? Favorite place to strike yourself? What got you into it? Tell me about your first time? How far have you gone with it?

Do you like paddles? Canes? Riding crops? Fly swatters?

Perhaps you use more unconventional objects like a broom handle, a toilet brush, a book, or just slapping yourself?

There are so many objects readily available let explore together!

Don’t be shy Mistress wants to know all about your naughty addiction…