Exploited College Girls Making a Mess at After-Hours

It wasn’t me with a lust for exploited college girls, it was my friend. Dear Perverts, what can I say? Sometimes after a good night, I find myself just along for the ride. My twisted friends get ideas and I just don’t have the heart to stop them. It just happens that one of our favorite bars is close to the college and occasionally a few lucky cuties stumble in.

Friday night, it all comes together.


I’m out with Will, the sinewy hunk that loves oral. We have a bit of partying to do before we can really get to the next level of naughtiness and we’ve just walked into the bar. As an instinct, I scan the crowd and I see quite a few of my favorite party boys in the crowd. These are the bad boys who know exactly what I like. I order my drink and slither through the crush of people to say hello.

I sit in a booth with Will, Keith, and Jason.


Jason is gorgeous and I’ve been trying to get him for a long, long time. We flirt a bit while the band plays, he’s known my objective for ages and I think it turns him on to know that all he has to do is ask and I would be his blowjob machine. He’s bashfully taking all my attention and suddenly he looks behind me and says, “oh Jesus.” I look back and three fresh-faced, totally drunk blonde girls have stumbled into our humble dive bar. My looks ricochet to O, the bartender, and Benny, the worst boy in the bar. They’ve noticed and they look at me. I shake my head and say to Jason, “looks like we’ve got Benny and O on security”.

The band’s play, the night speeds by and at bar close.


The three Goldilocks are having a difficult time seeing themselves out. Benny is enthralled, as two of the girls have been making out for him and the other one apparently has been trying to get him to fuck her in the bathroom, which was suitably crowded.  I brazenly look at Jason and say “I bet you this gets out of hand…deal?” Jason flashes me a baggie and I say, “I can’t match you tonight…if these three girls end up coming with us and Benny, I win. If they don’t, you win”. Jason says, “well what do I win?”

“You choose,” I say, crossing my fingers. Jason just looks at me, smiles shakes his head. I give him a quick nod and say, “take your time deciding, no rush or anything…”


Benny herds the exploited college girls up and looks at our group and says, “Afterparty? Keith? Your place?”


I can feel Jason looking at me as I smile. “I win.”

“Easy win, Justice”

“I know.”

“Name your prize, then” I look at him very earnestly and whisper discreetly, “seven minutes in heaven, Keith’s house”


Jason scoffs but he’s clearly turned on and we gather our group and head to Keith’s house, screaming 21-year-old banshee sluts in tow.


I can’t lie, I think these girls are really pretty and they’re in it together and loving the party so I don’t feel bad about anything at all. Calling them exploited college girls is sort of hyperbole…oh wait…until Benny starts videotaping them playing with each other’s tits. I say to Jason, “why don’t we hang out and see what we can see for now…” He looks at me, seeming a little shocked, but I say, “Oh lighten up. Do you like it?”

“It’s debaucherous, these guys haven’t changed at all” One of the blondes is on her knees, showing off for the camera with Benny’s dick in her mouth. “She’s very pretty,” I say, “But I can do better than that.” I take Jason by the hand and lead him away into Keith’s bedroom.


Closet, or…?


I open Keith’s closet…it seems fine. I pull Jason in with me and wrap my arms around him, “Watching those little-exploited college girls play with each other’s tits and suck Benny’s dick didn’t turn you on?” Jason leans his head down and gives me a long, slow kiss. I realize how he’s savoring his seven minutes and I melt slightly. He runs his hands over my body, grabs my ass and pulls me close to him. His hand slides up my skirt while he’s kissing me. Soon I realize that I’m not just going to suck his dick, he’s going to fuck me in this closet until I cum all over him.

Jason fucks me in Keith’s closet while an orgy commences downstairs and I have a screaming, white-hot orgasm on him and he squeezes me tight as he moans loudly and cums so hard in my pussy that his cock is aching and he can’t pull out. The sound of spanking and hard fucking bounces off the walls and as soon as we can, we get dressed and leave Keith’s room to find the girls pouring beer all over each other and spitting whiskey into each other’s mouths.

“This is great, but you were much, much better.”


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