Exploited college girls like me didn’t actually mind being blackmailed at all. Let’s talk about a time when I was a hot young college slut. You see. freshmen had to sleep on campus at the school that I was going to. On top of that, they were gender specific dorms which meant that there were no boys allowed. Should a little harlot sneak herself in someone she would face suspension or possibly expulsion from the school. However, that was not going to work for me. After all, I was a blonde bimbo with an insatiable hunger for cock. Therefore, I was notorious for slipping guys in as swiftly as I slipped them out.

Exploited College Girls Like Mallory Got Blackmailed Into Being Sluts!

However, there was one important fact that I did not quite think about. My dormitory was especially for the incoming Freshman class of girls and was surrounded by various buildings. My building butted up next to the finance wing. Specifically, it was close to my awful finance Professor. He was fat and tubby and smelled like all he did was masturbate in his office. Although surrounded by hot young barely legal cunt, I am sure that was not a bad hobby. In fact, a hobby that he was quite good at indeed. I knew that for a fact because this naughty Professor did not skip a beat when recoding the various nightly souters I would sneak in.

This Time It Was I That Would Be Blackmailed, And Not Him!

Exploited college girls were the only hot chicks this major loser was going to get. I figured he was going to pester me about my attendance when he called me in for office hours. However, when he played back his collection of evidence I was stunned. Surely he was not going to do what I thought he was. After all, who would blackmail a hot blonde babe like me? He laughed as I looked at him startled, and with full confidence ordered me to my knees. I did go down on him and suck his dick, but I told him what a piece of shit loser he was in the process. He Freshman cum dump for an entire semester!

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